Ixilixi Awakens

Ixilixi stretched its many limbs as it came out of its cocoon of time. It looked into the universe and saw change - a lot of it, and it sighed.

The world was certainly nothing like what it had foreseen. While, it was the God of Time,  all its extrapolations of space-time only considered  the events that occurred within the universe. It could never 'see' the influence of the actions of the Traveller and all its siblings meddling and acting from the outside.

And so it sat there, staring at the civil wars that raged, at the spiders - both pure and impure. At the ugly 'others', who usurped the universe that belonged to its beautiful creations. Watching them, it realized that something needed to be done about them. All the spiders needed to unite, irrespective of which tribe they were from. They needed to let go of past differences and show their allegiance to it,  Ixilixi, their original creator.

Act 1: Bestow an Ixilixian spider with the power of charismatic leadership.

Act 2: Give the spider its destiny : to unite all the races of spiders not corrupted by the other races of animals.

The End

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