The First Aeon

As the Aeon passed and the Gods fell one by one into an age long slumber, the last words they had spoken echoed through the universe, shaping it in their final Acts to their wills.

Into being on the earthy planes of the ice-sphere, emerged two beings, humanoid in appearance but with heads resembling those of goats. They stood strong and sturdy, stubborn and unyielding but lacked any intelligence of sentience to distinguish them from base animals. Not requiring sustenance, they lived and bred and they race grew, soon to be discovered by the humans that lived there also. The humans were shocked to discover a race seemingly so much like their own, but without minds like theirs, in fact, seemingly without any form of intelligence. Some tried to look after them, treating them like invalids, but the proud goat-people where stubborn and refused, no did they need any help, being strong and sturdy people. When humans thinking they were helping, tried to force the goat people, many humans were terribly injured. The humans soon learned to leave them alone, these strange reflection of themselves. They were dangerous, but seemingly harmless if not bothered. However, they grew wary of the races expansion - if this race was so stubborn and could not be reasoned with, what would happen when they outgrew their own colonies and had to expand into human territory? Some enterprising humans, not feeling anything regarding their races similar appearance, tried to tame and harness the goat-people as beasts of labour, but again, the unyielding stubbornness thwarted every attempt and the strength of the beasts often resulted in the severe, crippling injury of any who attempted such folly.

With but a thought, suddenly the universe rippled and as if paint had been splashed across the whole of it, suddenly vast stretches of the infinite icy expanse of the universe was suddenly different, the ice transformed into the earthy substance that lay at the heart of the hybrid’s territory. Spiders, the only race to have spread far and wide, saw the evidence of this change and were shocked as the land changed around them. Before they had felt a primal connection the the very structure of the universe, for was it not of the very same substance as themselves? With this change, many questions were brought to their minds. What other gods might there be that would do this? Perhaps that of the humans, a patron that saw fit to spread lands where they could flourish? It made sense, first the lights and heat and now the earth. The spiders were no longer the chosen race, it seemed. Of course, such doubts never crossed the minds of the Pure Ones. Such an Act was merely a test. Spiders lived equally well on earth or ice and so it meant nothing, merely that God wanted the humans to spread out further away from the safety of their burning spheres where the Pure Ones would find them all the more vulnerable and destroy them.

The humans and Mylanni spiders soon learned of the vast new stretches of earth and began expanding away from the first lands of humanity, wanting to distance themselves from the old hybrids at all costs. The new hybrids followed suit and together the three races created a civilisation that began to spread across the stars from floating island to island. With them the plants followed, vines and tendrils spreading across tracks of earth, seeds and spores launched into the vastness of space and carried on divine winds to other islands far and wide and soon the universe became a verdant place full of lush floating jungles, icy glaciers and floating lakes and seas.

Aqualuna invoked Malachi’s law of death and deemed it so that her creations could now die in a myriad of ways. The humans who had previously enjoyed immortality found their loved ones dying, the eldest and most knowledgeable falling down never to arise again. Mass panic shot through the race as they realised that sometime they would just... stop. Those that became injured no longer survived infirm and disabled and for some, this came as a small mercy against the horror the race endured as they struggled to survive in a world where their continued survival could not be taken for granted. The humans still loyal to the worship of the old hybrids saw this as proof that they had been punished for leaving the sphere and turning towards the false gods of the new hybrids and a war broke out amongst the humans that remained on the island over what had happened. Many died on both sides and eventually they split, those that did not believe in the godhood of the old hybrids leaving the sphere entirely to spread out further throughout the universe whilst the worshippers remained. The worshippers, sure that their Gods had punished their race, decided that they must go to them, to show them that some remained faithful. They began to tunnel through the great wall separating the hybrids from the human lands.

Aqualuna also crafted a race of animals of various sizes and shapes suitable for both eating and riding by the humans. They could be used as beasts of burden, as food or as transportation and their thick, woolly hides protected them for the savage coldness of the elements between stars. To the humans beyond the sphere, these animals were seen as a gift from the God that had taken away their immortality. Some were bitter but others came to term with their new lives. Without immortality, life became that much more precious and meaningful, unlike the hedonistic practices of the hybrid-worshippers. They used the animals, eating them or using them to carry out mundane tasks. They killed them and used their thick bones for tools and their hides for warm clothing and soon the expansion that had slowed down so far due to their mortality began to pick up again as they learned to adapt - the ever present danger of death forcing them to stop taking life for granted and learn and adapt themselves to new situations, to constantly improve. Many of these humans shunned the old times of immortality as a time of no progress and complacency and embraced there new, mortal lives wholeheartedly.

However, not all of the non-hybrid-worshippers felt the same. The new hybrids that lived amongst them lived much longer, being half immortal due to being a fusion of immortal Mylanni and mortal human. The Hybrids and Mylanni only bred with the most beautiful of humans so the human culture sprung up over the course of centuries a civilisation where the most beautiful were prized and given the most advantages, for they were charged with teaching their hybrid offspring the lore of the human race, so that the long lived hybrids might serve as tutors and shepherds for the comparatively short-lived race, guiding and protecting them as the Mylanni did protect them all. The Mylanni were like guardian angels that came down to bless the beautiful ones with their love and procreation to create hybrids and so the human civilisation became vain, yet hard working. The beautiful whilst rewarded for their natural gifts were also charged with great responsibility, the plain and ugly lived as normal. Those beautiful that couldn’t bare the weight put upon them, would deliberately scar themselves, ruining their looks to live a simple life whilst others, plain or ugly would seek ways to beautify themselves so they might be blessed with a better life. The development of fashion and cosmetics became a large section of human culture and civilisation, the bones and organs of the animals and pigments and juices of the plants worked into all manner of clothing and makeup.

Meanwhile the humans eventually dug through the wall, after years of toil and hard work. They were me with their gods face to face that the old hybrids were shocked at the intrusion, massacring them. Some were spared and brought the the slaving pits, but quickly died under the intense labour. Learning of this ‘death’ the old hybrids were shocked and intrigued. That these humans could die frightened them that the same might very well happen to them, after all, they were also part human. They began experiments and found to their relief they were immortal as always. That proved however that these humans must have somehow been different to the ones that had started their own race. Death was an intensely interesting phenomenon though, and perhaps this new concept could be added to the multitude of games and activities the hybrids indulged in. Of course, first they’d need to capture some humans.

In all this time, the spiders did not stand still. The Pure Ones, having bred a huge, immortal army, swarmed the land of the hybrids in a suicidal attack, that melted them all, but not before they could severely hurt them, rendering many so injured they could do nothing but spend their immortality in eternal suffering. The spiders knew that, immortal as their enemies were, they could not be killed, but they could be annihilated, torn asunder with such ferocity that nothing but fragments would remain, nothing left to breed and create more of the tainted spawn. With their essentially infinite supply of warriors, the kept up an never ending onslaught. The hybrids retaliated, kicking their own breeding factories into overdrive. They previously had no need to breed, being immortal and selfish they had little desire to create young that would distract them from their own hedonistic pursuits but now they bred fast, training as warriors. However, they were no match, even with the advantage of their home turf melting the intruders, against the sheer numbers. They were selfish, pleasure seeking creatures and didn’t have the warrior abilities required to overcome their opponents. Those that survived, fled to other stars and were soon met by humans. Some mistook them for the new hybrids of their own, but soon they betrayed themselves and those not killed were ostracized and outcast, not even the Mylanni wanting to help them after the centuries of torture and slavery they had committed.

the warped and twisted plans of the Pure Ones were ever more chaotic. With the warped future sense of their leader, Ixi, they fought amongst themselves as much as they attacked the humans and remaining Aqualunians and Mylanni, any sign of conflicting thought or imagined slight seen as a condemning sign of impurity. With constantly shifting plans as the myriad of warped futures filtered through Ixi’s brain, this happened a lot and over the centuries the Pure Ones became a barbaric empire of violent, crazed and depraved spiders, even as they saw the future clearly, those that turned away from the crazed Ixi were destroyed, condemned to suffer forever as melted and smashed fragments of ice by their own kind, whom, seeing their own futures were too afraid to rise up, and too swayed by the charisma of Ixi’s rantings.

The goat-people spread after the humans and fought off the Pure One attacks with their advanced strength. They were stubborn and whilst the lacked sentience they would not be moved from their homes and fought unrelentingly. Being also immortal, they unknowingly served as guardians for the humans - stemming the tide of the ever growing hordes of Pure Ones that sought to swarm over the entire universe and tear every living thing asunder until only they remained.

Four immortal races fought continually, building up their forces. The spiders of all kinds bred immense immortal armies around all the water sources. The Aqualunians, who did not require water to operate, served as generals and messengers, communicating between armies across the vast ice-ways between islands. Mylanni spiders bred fast, creating a huge army of healers and medics that tended to the Aqualunian’s children as well as their own ans they fought against the ever increasing force that sought to destroy them all. As the tide seemed to be turning against them, the Pure Ones with the future sight saw the only way out. They betrayed Ixi, destroying him and now, unshackled from the crazed and erroneous visions, they began once again to gain the upper hand - their powers of foresight a grand advantage.

The universe became littered with billions upon billions of spiders, their bodies melted and smashed, trapped in eternal living agony, the Mylanni, sorting through them and rebuilding Mylanni and Aqualunian spiders slowly from their components and leaving the Pure Ones remains to suffer. To fuel these eternal armies, the spiders of both sides needed water. With the help of the humans, the hybrids, the Aqualunians and the Mylanni all working together, they managed to keep themselves going, just, but for thousands of miles outwards the universe was drained of liquid water. Eventually the Pure Ones were deprived long enough that they ceased to move, frozen in their current state, trapped forever until the day they are given water again along with several Mylanni and Aqualunian children that were in the midst of battle at the time and beyond the reach of the water bearers. Fearing the worst, the spiders attempted to herd the goat-people by destroying bridges and pathways between islands until the sphere and the whole waterless region that contained the fallen, dried out spiders was cut-off from the rest of the interconnected islands. The goat-people spread amongst the fallen spiders, filling the cut-off region with their stubborn, strong offspring over the years. The region was became known as the dead zone, and the goat-people became as guardians, destroying any that might attempt to reawaken the fallen spiders in their midst. Throughout the dead zone floated the eternally tormented remains of the spiders that were destroyed and torn apart. Like their frozen brethren they were doomed to an immortal existence trapped and unmoving but unlike the fallen, those crushed and broken suffered in eternal pain as well as the unending isolation of being trapped within their own minds. In silent agony, the Pure Ones waited for the day they could see in the future that told of their reawakening. After all, the winds blow through the universe and sooner or later, despite the actions of the races, one of the floating seas or lakes will eventually collide or rain down upon the dead zone and awake their sleeping enemies.

As the races begin picking up the pieces of their broken lives, so do the Gods begin to wake as the dawn of a new Aeon breaks.

The End

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