Aqualuna's Animals

Aqualuna heard her youngest brother's plea, but she could not grant his wishes. She had angered their father when she granted another sibling a favour, and asked for too much. Her beloved humans suffered for that error in judgement. They were denied the intelligence to eat, and starved eternally, for they were immortal. Aqualuna was forced to destroy them, to end their suffering.

The great Traveller allowed her to create a new version of humans that could now think and reason. She wanted to use her one Act for something of her own to benefit them, before she rested for a time. She did not want to take the chance of causing her father's wrath again.

As time advanced, Aqualuna saw her humans grow and thrive on the plants that now existed on their sun warmed island. This pleased her, but she realized something was missing. There were no other creatures on this world besides the spiders, hybrids and humans. She thought the humans needed something more to eat than just plants; some other form of transportation besides their own feet.

She sat on the land, amid a vast bed of clay. She amused herself with sculpting many creatures with four legs. They had fur or thick hides to protect them. She called them animals. They made them in male and female versions, so they could procreate by giving live birth to their young. Some of these animals were big and strong enough to carry humans. They would be gentle enough to allow the humans to tame them for transportation.

Other animals would be designed to nourish the humans. She blew a soft breeze that settled on them all, causing them to breathe the air into their lungs, and live. She hoped the great traveller would approve her attempt to give these new animals the gift of life, with the instincts for survival.

Aqualuna knew that her sibling Malachi had designed a universal law, that defined life itself.  The law was made that those whom the Gods created would die as decided by their creators. She decided to use  this law that already existed, upon all of her creations. Humans as well as the new animals that she attempted to create, would no longer be immortal. Death could occur in many ways, but for some of the animals, they would die to provide food for the humans.

Aqualuna knew that her youngest brother had domain over the beasts, but he was not specific in his Act. She wanted to be specific about animals that were domesticated enough for her humans to raise for food, or transportation.

Act - Aqualuna attempted to create animals to be used by humans for food or transportation.

With her Act written and submitted to her Lord and father, The Traveller, Aqualuna  yawned delicately in a ladylike goddesslike manner, as she snuggled up in her vapour moon, and settled down for a nice looooooooooooooooooooong nap.

The End

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