Hichiti Acts Before The Sleep

A vortex of cosmic energy ripped through an empty space in the universe. The glorious cry of a new god as it was made real filled the universe for a brief minute before a giant mass of muscle stepped out of the void and into existence. His face was ram-like in appearance, with great curved horns, large brown eyes, and a beard growing outward from his chin. Vines wrapped around the newly formed god's body, growing at an alarming and chaotic rate.

The god flexed his muscles and brayed, "I am Hichiti! I am God of the Wilds, of the beasts yet to come, and of justice! I am the scale of balance, and the one who goads the firm of heart into action!" He chuckled at his outburst before bowing at his elder siblings and his father. From the corner of his eye he saw the world that was, the earthly plane that his elders had toiled over for the unknown years when he was not in existence. What disturbed him about this world however was not the frail looking humans, or the plants that grew. It was the hybrid and regular arachnids that caused him to scowl and snort. He knew better than to question his more experienced brothers and sisters though, and opted instead to ask for their favour before the great sleep was to begin for them, as unwilling as he was for the premature rest.

He envisioned a world where his creations would make up for his absence in its creation, where the humans would not be terrified at the prospect of facing the twisted hybrids that he saw beyond a great wall. Then an idea grew in his mind. What if he created a new species? A sentient race that would serve as spurs for the humans, bringing them alongside for a battle against the hybrids, against the corrupted powers of his sister's prophet.

Rising and then facing his sister Aqualuna he asked, "Sister, I may be your younger and command no authority over you or your domain but could you assist me in this final act before the great sleep begins? Ixilixi has already shut her eyes, yet her creations run rampant over the wall. And the injustice that has been inflicted on the Mylanni spiders must be repaid twice fold no?"

 Not waiting to see his sister's response, he acted. Summoning his newly formed powers he created a pair of creatures that would serve as the patriarch and matriarch to his race of soldiers. The creature on the right was much like himself in appearance, minus the great size. His female partner was much smaller than he, and had no horns which to protect yourself. He built these creatures, these goat-people, with an instinct to never yield, to be sturdy of mind and body, and to be monogamous. However they still lacked the sentience that would allow them to function in the manner that he desired.

"Before we sleep sister I ask, no I beg, of you to grant my creations the intelligence to speak and the cleverness to fight."

Hichiti has chosen to leave on this planet a new race of creatures in his image. He also appeals to his sister Aqualuna to grant them sentience.

The End

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