Civilisation, Madness, Light

Like her sibling, Maraena ceased to enact her will upon the universe and lacking purpose, her form faded away until everything she was ceased to be, the results of her Acts the only memory she had ever been. 

Malachi sought to define a new universal law, an edict that would define the very nature of Life itself. Through his lips the words were spoken and the law was written indelibly upon the fabric of existence. Those whom the Gods create will die as decided by their creators. The law was made and so it was so, however no Gods had yet deemed any of their creations to be subject to this law and so the undying lives of universes inhabitants continued unending as before. However, all it would take was one utterance, one decision by a God upon one of their creations and it would take effect, the law of the universe forever changing the race irreversibly by God or mortal.

Upon the vast island of earth within the broken, icy sphere Aqualuna exerted her will over the elements and again crafted two humans, a male and female, with the abilities to think and reason. Unfortunately, they were not alone, the Hybrids had been colonising the vast expanse and eventually over the years, the Hybrid civilisation came across the fledgling one of the Humans. The Hybrids were shocked, they had seen their ancestors erased and now they saw them again, renewed and this time intelligent, sentient. A shockwave of questions rippled through the Hybrid's civilisation. What did this mean? Should they return to their old way, enslaving them for breeding with the Mylanni spiders they kept enslaved? Would these new Humans with the newly awoken spiders create the same Hybrids as before or would they be tainted, different? Should they just destroy the Humans? Much discussion was had and no decision was made. Instead, the Hybrids decided to wait and watch, building a vast wall between their empire and the slowly developing Human civilisation so that there would be no interference between them. Falling back on their hedonistic ways, the Hybrids treated the walled off civilisation of the Humans as a zoo, creatures to watch for their amusement. For now.

The Humans, undoubtedly, discovered the existence of the Hybrids though accident and exploration. Some were terrified, others, seeing the resemblance between the Hybrids and themselves thought of them as perhaps Gods or creatures of great power. Hybrid worship cults formed amongst them as their civilisation grew while other Humans sought to learn more about them, setting of centres of study and learning about these strange, elusive creatures that seemed to watch them from afar. Eventually, they came across the Wall, a vast, tower expanse of dirt and ice that seemed to stretch on as far as their race had ever explored. Had they found the home of these creatures? The cults thought so and the believers moved to the Wall, setting up their own cities and towns near the holy place, the barrier between their own world and what they believed must be a paradise beyond. Digging through the Wall was considered a blasphemy most foul and the believers would kill any one who dared attempt such a thing, patrolling the Wall constantly to defend it against intruders.

While this was happening, Ixilixi touched the essence of one spider as it plotted the downfall of it's impure fellows. It imbued the spider with knowledge, sharing with it the vast plan for all things. Images of conquest and unification spread through the spider's mind, visions of a utopian future where only pure spiders, the chosen ones, ruled supreme and all others were destroyed, the universe cleansed of their taint. Alone, the spider would unite the tribes of the pure and together they would grow until they were unstoppable force. It saw it, one of many possibly futures and knew it would be the true future in it's icy heart.

Immediately the spider began his work, taking for himself the name Ixi, the name of the chosen one, after the name of the God, their God, who had chosen him to be the leader of his people. With every meeting he had, every word he spoke, more came to his cause, imbued as he was with a divine conviction that it was impossible for the other spiders to deny, knowing instantly that he alone had been spoken to directly by their creator, truly a chosen one indeed.

Ixilixi was not done however, it sought to bestow upon Ixi power that even the Gods themselves did not possess, the ability to see the future perfectly, to be able to see the consequence of every action throughout all time. Such a thing was beyond Ixilixi's power or even the Traveller himself and the Act was wasted. The Traveller was angered by such an attempt to out do even his own powers and to give them to a mere mortal as well and as such, his Wrath reached out into Ixi's mind. Rather than understand all possible consequences, Ixi's mind instead became awash with convoluted, bizarre visions of futures both possible and impossible, the laws of cause and effect in his mind twisted and warped so his future sense told as many lies as it did truths, but Ixi had no way of telling one way or the other, in fact as the visions became more bizarre and twisted, Ixi believed he was seeing God's true will and following the paths his visions laid out for him, he led the Church towards performing increasingly more chaotic, twisted acts, his followers going along blindly, captivated by their Prophet, the thought of doubting the one chosen by their creator never even crossing their minds.

Mylann mourned the passing of her sibling and saw the Traveller's pain inflicted upon the universe. She cried and her tears fell across the heavens, bursting into balls of flame and filling the infinite skies with stars, lighting up the previously pitch black expanse for all to see, warming it with their light. Where stars formed too close to an icy island, the island and the spiders that inhabited died, melted. The vast walkways through the void began to melt as stars randomly formed amongst them, some crumbling as they lost their integrity sending many of the few remaining Aqualunians tumbling to their destruction.

Now that the universe had warmed, due to the stars, and was bathed in light, the Humans began to venture beyond the icy-sphere but they could not go far as there was no food beyond their lands. Some enterprising Humans took earth and seeds from the plants that grew in their home and set up to the new lands, hoping to make new lands suitable for colonisation. However, as they spread out onto the icy plains of the ice island the sphere was on, they came across spiders, being like the Hybrids some worshipped, but different for they had no human features at all. Some fled in terror but a few tried to communicate and when the spiders began to help them grow their plants, helping them make farmland with the soil they had shipped from their island, the Humans realised they had found another race, a friend and that unlike the elusive Hybrids that seemed to many to be merely myths, these were real. They were not alone.

The Mylanni spiders had found an ally with the Humans and they helped them expand away from the lands of the Hybrids, hoping that one day together they might work to turn the Hybrids from the dark path of slavery and hedonism they were on to a new path of understanding and caring. The divine edict to ate with humans still lurked within the Mylanni spiders but these Humans were not the old humans and so the urge was weaker, especially now they had gained sentience, but some Humans, especially those who worshipped the hybrids, did mate with the spiders that approached them and soon a new race of Hybrids began to grow. This new race was identical to the first in all but one respect. These new Humans were not tainted by the amorality and rampant self-interest of the first and thus nor were this new race of Hybrids, who lived in harmony with both the Humans and the Mylanni, were peaceful. They were fewer in number and did not multiply as fast as the other Hybrid race had done, for the Mylanni were only very weakly inclined to mate with Humans unlike before.

The Human's who worshipped the idea of the Hybrids, upon hearing of these events began vast pilgrimages from the Wall to see these new Hybrids from beyond the sphere and soon the Hybrids intermingled with the Humans. The Mylanni however warned them of the other race, their dark cousins beyond the wall and horrified, many of the Humans who had previously worshipped the Hybrids begged the Mylanni for forgiveness, which they were of course granted by the kind, caring race. The new Hybrids avoided entering the sphere, not wanting to be seen by the other Hybrids and draw their wrath down upon the humans and themselves.


The End

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