The Dissolution and The Sundering

Gods were beings of Action, of Intent. They were Divine Will personified. No, the relationship was far more tightly coupled than that. Gods weren't merely being of Action. They were Action and those that did not Act, did not exist, for the Gods themselves were only an expression of their own wills and nothing more.

Thus it was that Ishka began to fade away into nothingness, The Goddess' inaction bleeding her will out into the cosmos until she was no more. Only the results of her Acts lived on to remind anyone she had ever been.

The Traveller mourned as his child ceased to be. The universe was still but a newborn baby, as were his progeny and Ishka was as a stillborn to him and he wept. The Aeon still had not passed and now Ishka had gone to an eternal sleep that, unlike the others when they would finally rest as the Aeon came to a close, she would never wake from.

Presently, the Traveller's sadness turned to anger. His rage boiled and fumed and with a massive fist he lashed out at the universe, shattering it into a million pieces. No more was the universe a single plane of ice, instead now huge chunks floated in the void, separate from each other, the water bleeding out of them to fall down in vast waterfalls. Water sometimes caught be the motions in the air, the new force of gravity or the currents that the Gods and imbued formed into liquid moons, floating in the darkness. Thus, the universe was no longer a whole continent of infinite tunnels and infinite void but rather it became a void riddled with infinite floating islands of jagged ice, moons of water, swirling waterspouts and waterfalls.

Many were killed in the Traveller's rage, hurled into the abyss or crushed by the impact. The spanning bridges of the Aqualunians were smashed, sending many hurtling to their deaths or others, the more lucky ones,  to crash into moons of water where they could then feed and rebuild again. Other were lucky and their bridges remained intact, rising up from a lonely island into the heavens and perhaps connecting with other islands out in the darkness.

One island remained different from the others, for it had a Sun and thus is had light, but the shell that had surrounded it for so long was shattered and the hybrids that lived in the sunlit realm could for the first time see out into the vast darkness from their homes.

The other spider races were spread and isolated across the islands, spread throughout the universe.

The End

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