A Leader is Born

Ixilixi watched the universe around it with profound sadness. Things had changed beyond recognition. The pure ice worlds with only the ice spiders a long distant memory.

The only respite were a few descendants of the first race, pure and devoted in their worship of their creator. They were to rid the universe of all the impurities, and hoped that it, Ixilixi would bless them in their endeavor.

But it knew that the burden of looking into time, came with a heavy price. The weak would always succumb to it eventually. Even it, as a God, found the information often too overwhelming. It had watched the strife amongst its children, the madness that had destroyed many. Some had regrouped and now strove to find ways to fight the other races, while others hid away.

It was the God of Destiny, and it knew that it had to bestow one creature with the destiny to unite all the Ixilixians and to enable it to protect them from all that might harm its children. And so it scoured the universe for the strongest of them all, the least corruptible and the most charismatic.

A powerful and wise Ixilixian spider, from the Spiders of Purity was chosen. Now called ixi, this spider would be given extra powers, shall be inspired to be the protector to all Ixilixians. It shall unite the rest of the Ixilixian tribes with the Spiders of Purity, and pave the way for the dominance of the Ixilixian spiders into the rest of the universe.

It shall thus be written in its destiny, that it is to be the uniter and protector of all the Ixilixian tribes.

Its wise and able mind shall be bestowed with the capacity to sieve and sift all information in the temporal dimension through all of space. It shall not only be able to look into time itself, but be able to understand the consequences of all actions in all dimensions.

It, Ixilixi will itself be the source from which this wise mind shall get its powers of interpretation and extrapolation.

Act 1 : Bestow a wise and strong spider with the destiny to unite all the Ixilixian tribes.

Act 2 : Give it the God-like capacity to interpret the temporal dimensions in all of the universe, to protect the Ixilixian spiders from harm.

The End

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