Aqualuna Tries Again


Aqualuna watched the various breeds of spiders, and shook her head. She knew that they all had free will, and would do whatever they chose to do, with whatever abilities the Gods had given them. Still, there was an emptiness in her heart, where her humans used to be. She could not bear to see them starve without dying, suffering forever, so she had destroyed them.

The Aqualunian spiders still existed that she had given intelligence to, but it was not the same. She decided that she would try again to create humans, but this time she would be very careful how she constructed her Act.

She knelt on the land that now existed, and scooped up two handfuls of clay. She molded them into a similar version of her previous humans, one male, one female. These new humans were more advanced, though. They had the intelligent instinct to survive, that her previous humans had lacked. They would also have the sentience to be self aware. They would know who they were, and what their capabilities were.

When Aqualuna was finished molding her new humans, she breathed life into them, attempting to create a brand new breed of humans, with sentience mixed with intelligence. She held the two humans in her arms, and showed them the wonders of the world they and all their descendants would inhabit. She plucked two ripe fruits from a nearby tree, and showed her humans how to eat to survive.

ACT: Aqualuna tries to create a brand new breed of humans with sentience mixed with intelligence.

The End

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