Malachi - If things weren't complicated enough...

Watching the antics of the creations of his siblings, Malachi wondered if a new dynamic would make things more fun. A brewing war between spiders and hybrids could hurt his plants. Not likely, considering the opposed races had no use for them. The forests would be an incidental battlefield if anything. Nevertheless, with humans gone the fruits were going uneaten. They did look pretty though.

In a quiet corner of the Isle, Malachi swung on a fruit-vine, spinning and arcing recklessly. When the vine snapped and the fruit splattered across a bough Malachi became more sombre. There was a little breeze among the trees, and the sounds of the trees' growth echoed along their lengths but other than that it was far too quiet for his liking.

He set about throwing ideas and materials together. He tossed away a half-made collection of vines and blood. Perhaps a hybrid would come across this unliving mess. Ha. That'll take it's mind off war for a second.

Malachi flowed over the remaining deserted forests, under and over great arcing boughs. The half-creation felt too similar to what already was. He needed change not a copy. He didn't want some species that would stay the same, endlessly predictable. Boring. They need a motive other than love and hate. How do motives work for a creature? Carrot and/or stick... Malachi blinked. What? Nevermind.

Okaaaay... Creatures strive for a pleasure, or the avoidance of some pain. Okay. For his new creature, there would be a motive to breed, if only to create interactions. But they would endlessly spread across the land, filling it up. There had to be a limit, or a dynamic in place to regulate their number...

Why is a god's life so complicated.

Right, He thought. The animal would eat fruit. It would eat the bark of the plants. It would also need water and some nutrients from the earth. In fact, it would need a combination of all of them to not... stop existing? Huh, another problem.

Malachi was getting impatient. Death. There needs to be death.

Death: A consequence for hunger that affects the creatures that eat. A consequence for injury healing cannot repair. To create an equilibrium. Survival. Meaning living things would die by natural causes: injury, hunger, conditions outwith that they were intended to exist in, old age and sickness (He'd probably have to work some of them out later... Malachi sighed) That sounded good. But just in case: it will only apply to his creatures and creatures that the other gods wish to die.

This'll do, He thought:

Malachi creates the concept of death which applies to creatures designated by their creator to be able to die naturally.

That would do. All creators could opt-in for their creatures to live like this. They'd have to define the conditions for death, but other than that it ought to work properly, Traveller willing. And it would be harder for wrathful gods to destroy each others' creatures, since only the creator could give the gift of Mortality.

Malachi will happily use his spare ACT to cover this, should the Traveller deem it too complex for a single ACT to cover without going wrong, but he asks sweetly that since the eon is soon to end, and another quick ACT of Malachi's would make viewing the world  a more interesting activity, the Traveller deem it OK for one ACT.

The End

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