War Is Coming

Directed by Mylann's will, the Mylanni spiders sought to breed with the most beautiful of the humans. Of course, the spiders could not enter the sphere of warmth surrounding the sun, but using their intelligence, they found a way. The new landmass in the sphere shielded the water below from the harshness of the suns rays and so the spiders tunnelled up beneath it, quickly stealing away a human before the were melted by the sun. Unfortunately, at first the humans drowned as the spiders pulled them under the landmass, unaware that unlike themselves, they needed to breathe. However, they learned form this mistake and tried again, building a chamber of ice below the landmass full of air.

The humans, unintelligent but aware, knew something was wrong, that the most beautiful of their numbers were being snatched away by strange creatures and never returning and though they didn't understand what was happening, they feared the coming of the spiders. However, unable to learn, they were ineffective at escaping them and the spiders captured them and treated them kindly and with love in their underground icy cavern.

Being of different construction, the spiders and humans were previously incompatible, but given that the breeding was a divine edict, it became possible and soon the first race of hybrids were born.

The hybrids, creatures of ice and flesh combined, looked like slender, beautiful humans, lithe and pale skinned, their flesh semi-translucent and crystalline like the ice. Their faces where like those of a human, but surrounding the mouth were a pair of delicate, fine mandibles capable of fine manipulation and they had 6 eyes, 2 eyes like that of a normal human but two additional ones above and to the side of each human eye, pitch black and like the spiders they performed specialist functions, giving them greater peripheral vision and a greater ability to detect movement and light intensity. Where a human would have legs, their body terminated in a spider-like body with eight legs, giving them a centaur-like appearance.

Most importantly of all though, was the combining of intelligence and sentience. The spiders cared for their new young, infused as they were with love but the new hybrid race began to advance quickly, soon leaving the spiders behind, unneeded. They began to learn, aware of themselves and the world around them, learning that they were similar to both the humans and the spiders. As they realised that the spiders were unintentionally terrifying the poor humans by kidnapping them, they sought to stop it, infused as they were themselves with a sense of love and caring. The spiders of course, being non-sentient, obeyed only their instructions and carried on and so the hybrids as they were born and began interbreeding amongst themselves declared war against their mindless parents in a an effort to stop them from taking humans by force. Simultaneously, they tried to help the humans and teach them, but realised with great sadness they had no intelligence. For a time, they helped the humans and made them feel comfortable, guiding them to the spiders in such a way that they would not be afraid and gathering food for them in a vast breeding farm where they were treated well, fed and provided entertainment while the spiders carrried out their edict.

Then, suddenly, the humans disappeared. The new hybrid race were shocked, their ancestors suddenly erased from existence and the spiders, unable to carry out their edict, carried on with their old instincts, caring for things. The hybrids had until now had little need to procreate amongst themselves but now it was their only option and their fledgling society began to change. However, they'd had generations of experience of relying on others to breed for them and this mindset was hard fro them to abandon, so while they took to breeding together they turned their reliance elsewhere, instead using the spiders instinct to care to turn and domesticate the spiders into a race of child-carers and servants. The spiders were intelligent and still served their instincts and had no sentience, so didn't and couldn't feel one way or the other about the arrangement, but the hybrids, free from the mundane tasks of having to care for their young or worry about basic needs had the free time to develop their recreational activities as they began building a society based on fun and creativity, relying on the slave labour of the spiders who were perfectly happy to do it.

However, it was not to last.

As time passed, all spiders came to develop sentience and the Mylanni spiders, the slave caste of the hybrids society, realised they were being exploited. They didn't mind caring for the young of the hybrids, but over the generations the hybrids and come to rely on them more and more for the tasks they themselves didn't want to do. With their ability to reason, the spiders decided to leave, aware that the hybrids were perfectly capable of looking after themselves if they wanted to. Instead, they would create their own society based on love and caring rather than selfish self-indulgence and hedonism like the hybrids had.

Outside the sphere, the Ixilian spiders had continued to breed, spread across the infinite icy expanse and grouped around the pockets of water or even living in the water filled caverns themselves. When sentience came to them with came a new ability, a future sight. They saw the hybrids seeking to enslave all their kind as they spread out from the confines of the sphere where they lived currently and into the darkness beyond. The saw the Aqualunians, spiders different from themselves, immortal and uncaring, exploring the infinite expanses of space on their bridges of ice, far beyond the reach of the hybrids. The Aqualunian spiders would abandon them if they ever came back and learned of the threat, they were immortal, yes, but their immortality was limited, they could still die and their children were mortal. They were a static race and they would guard their lives jealously and fearfully, avoiding any conflict or risk the older they became. The saw the Mylanni spiders, like themselves but different, infused with a need to care and to love, exploited by the hybrids and fleeing them and eventually being subjugated or destroyed, the hybrids having several advantages and the Mylanni spiders too reluctant to attack, their urge to love and to care making them ineffective fighters.

The Ixilixian spiders knew what they had to do - there was no discussion, they could already see every future possibility and choose the best course of action. They would seek out and fight the hybrids, convince them to change their ways by force and manipulation and seek out the Aqualunians to tell them of what had happened that they might be eternal record keepers.

However, it was not that simple. Their temporal vision was not godlike, they could not see past or future anywhere. The could only see into their own pasts or futures or the past and future or the area they happened to be in. As ideas were formed and discussed, many spiders ran away, seeing their own deaths while others fought to make them stay, seeing the need for their deaths as a trigger for another future event that would save yet more lives and help them win the war with the hybrids. In fighting broke out as the Ixilixian spiders predicted, countered and counter-predicted each others moves to try and manipulate, kill or otherwise stop or force one course of action or another and the entire race plunged into war amongst themselves until they whittled themselves down, becoming fewer and far between. The spiders as generations passed became suspicious and afraid of their own kind, the constant battle of future vision draining them and risking sending them spiralling into madness. Instead, the Ixilian spiders developed into small groups of like-minded individuals or just lived as hermits, not even meeting each other to mate and instead replicating rather than procreating with others to avoid the battle of future wills.

A small band of Ixilixian spiders clung to the ideas of freeing the Mylanni from the clutches of the hybrids and tried but they were too few and those that weren't killed where captured, their future seeing abilities used to further the hybrid's own aims.

Some of the Ixilixian spiders formed a new religion. The could see into the past of their race and knew they were crafted by a great being, a God. it had given them this sight and other Gods had tainted their race with other characteristics, leaving them the only pure ones. They believed the other must be eradicated from existence but knew they could never reach the Aqualunians without a huge effort, developing tools and equipment to carry water up into the heavens with them so they could survive the long journey to hunt them down. Together the followers of the religion communed, using their future sight to see the fruits of their own labours and implement them in the present and rapidly they became highly advanced, in a very short time reaching the very limit of what they could achieve technologically from using just ice (which was the only material in the world, other than the plants and soil of the sphere of the hybrids). Using their advanced water storage and carrying technologies, pumps and pipes, they began building into the stars after their enemies, the Aqualunians. Of course, they had enemies on the surface too, the Mylanni and the abominations that were the hybrids. Both would need to be destroyed and so the Spiders of Purity began their plans for that too, turning their advanced technologies to the cause of destroying the Mylanni and hybrids once and for all.

Other Ixilixian spiders cared not for their purity and in fact felt that their vision was a curse wrought upon them by their creator. Thousands plucked out their own eyes so that they could not see the visions and could spend their time atoning for whatever unknown sin they had committed whilst others sought out the Aqualunians, who with their past vision they knew were immortal, seeking from the lessons of they might gain immortality for themselves, of what they had done to earn such a gift from the creator. 

The Aqualunian spiders remained unaware of what was happening back on the surface, having explored far out into the infinite, empty expanse of the universe on their vast bridges. They cared only for one thing, now that they were self-aware, and that was to explore, to learn and, aware of how fragile their own immortality really was and how their own children were born mortal, they coveted life fiercely, fearful of any potential threat or accident that might rob them of their lives. They continued to expand outwards, but more slowly and with more caution, building vast structures, learning about complex and intricate solutions to the engineering problems to create stronger and safer structures as they they expanded ever outwards. Of course, they knew of gravity and knew how precarious things were getting, now they were out so far so many turned back to build stronger, safer foundations, afraid they might fall and tumble through the infinite expanse to the deaths, shattered on the icy ground far below.

A time of War was coming for every spider; loving, pure, hybrid or immortal. 

The End

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