Ixilixians look through Time

Ixilixi watched, amused at the acts and the wrath of The Traveller.

The humans seemed doomed to fail but there was now plant life. And it watched the plants growing, without showing any signs of ever pausing. And the spiders scaling these new live forms, some times integrating them into their own patterns of webs.

Of its children, now divided into 3 races, only the pure Ixilixians still held on to its true image. Unadulterated and innocent living ice. It smiled at them, and hoped they would know themselves. It wished to be recognized as their creator.

All the three had been given intelligence by Aqualuna and used it to further themselves. But Ixilixi decided that they should also know who they were, that they were its children. And then realize that some of them were  pure, while the others were impure.

It saw the great differences between the three races, and sought to give its original children a new gift. To give them the ability to look through time. A temporal vision where they could look at the past and the future.

It hoped this vision would some day allow the Ixilixians to survive against the caring and loving Mylannis and the immortal but aimless Aqualunians. They of course would have to learn and harness this new skill. It would take time but someday, hopefully, it would help them.

Act 1 : Give all the spiders sentience.

Act 2 : Give the Ixilixian spiders the ability to look through time.

The End

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