Aqualuna's Humans

Poor Aqualuna withdrew to her water vapour moon, and mourned the unjust fate of her poor humans. She had aroused the wrath of The Traveller,  by using too many acts at once, but she had not meant to disobey the rules. She merely wished to do a favour for her sibling Ishka, who had asked:

"Aqualuna, you see the creatures Ixilixi has created? You see how they are aimless in their eating and spinning? I would wish they had more to their lives. Will you grant them sentience and intelligence?"

She thought that the instinct for survival was built into the bodies of her new creations, as part of being human, but apparently that was not the case. Aqualuna wept bitterly, for the cruel suffering of her humans as they starved, but did not die.

She truly appreciated Mylann's generous and caring attempt to turn the humans into a hybrid with the spiders, but they were two very different species. She did not know how a human with eight legs, or perhaps many other alterations to the body, could be happy. The humans were sentient, but not intelligent. They would be aware of their difference from the humans and the spiders that had not yet become hybrids, and be unhappy with themselves.

Aqualuna's heart bled for her gentle humans,  She could bear it no longer, so she attempted to withdraw her gift of life from the  two humans that she had created, by erasing them from existence with a  circular motion of both her hands.

Act: Aqualuna tries to erase the existence of the two humans she created in her last Act.

The End

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