The Dawn of Man

Mylann breathed her divine breath into the pool within the solar sphere and with it brought an immense island into being, a vast slab of earth rising from the water, large enough to accommodate several billion spiders if they could have ventured under the harsh rays of the sun. As it rose, it cracked and and splintered, forming huge ridges and clefts within it through which water flowed and pooled in rivers and lakes.

Aqualuna, seeing this new and wondrous land, sought to populate it with a new race borne of the water she so loved. Crafting them carefully she placed them upon this new, barren earthen land. Secondly, she sought to bestow upon both them and the spiders the gifts of sentience and intelligence, but such a feat was beyond her capabilities with a single Act and in his anger he ruled that her Act would work, but broken.

The humans would gain sentience, but they would never become intelligent, forever unable to learn or develop new skills but forever being aware of their own limitations.

The spiders however would gain intelligence, but would remain unaware, unable to think for themselves forever. Instead they could apply their new intelligence to improving and developing tools and techniques to further the goals of their instincts. For the Aqualunian spiders this was to subsume all of the infinite expanse of the universe into their vast webs. For the Mylanni spiders, this was to care for others, to heal and rescue. For the Ixilixian spiders, this was merely to survive and procreate. All three races would learn and develop as they honed their abilities to perform these tasks, but wouldn't ever be able to think about these problems or question why, performing and improving mindlessly for all time.

Malachi exerted his will on the very nature of reality, defining a new universal law. Gravity came into being, pulling down everything above the surface of the ice towards towards a plane several miles below. The only thing this did not effect was the divine, celestial bodies of the moons and sun. Under this new law, several of the spider's pathways shattered under their own weight, the spiders never having had a need to reinforce them. Some spiders fell for immense distances, shattering on the ground below, but, unable to die, they remained there, broken, intelligent pieces of ice, trying to act out their instinct to explore but barely able to do so. Over time, with their new found intelligence, the ice fragments from this shattered spiders learnt how to vibrate in order to move themselves and began crawling along the surface of the vast ice shelf, or others, entering the waters, used their vibrations to swim, becoming as fish formed of icy slivers, that sought out the unexplored depths of the infinite underground water caverns.

Malachi next created plant life on the earthen land that stretched and spiraled in the air, forming arches that beared rich fruits. The humans, dumb as they were, saw these fruits and delighted, but never thought to eat them, except on a whim. However, the never learned that eating the fruits were beneficial, lacking as they were in intelligence and so it was by mere chance that a human would survive, since they should only eat at random should the mood take them.

Maraena sought to enforce her ideals upon the humans, but sentient as their were by divine law, to restrict their freewill violated the laws of the Traveller - for he had deemed that no God should be able to override the law of another. As such, the Traveller enacted his wrath.

Instead of seeking to be good and pure, they would find themselves dispossessed of any inclination towards good or bad, completely amoral  and concerned only with themselves.

The water of the world had never been defined to contain salt, and thus Maraena's second Act did nothing and was not spent. Ishka, helping with this, also left it's Act unspent.


The End

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