How ishka went from a grey seal to a white one

Ishka heard Marena's plea, and while it did not necessarily agree with her choice of life, decided that all life should have a chance in this place. So Ishka changed it's form, becoming water and descended into the pool Marena had made and drew away all that made it unfit for the humans, taking them into it's liquid form. Ishka then left the pool and returned to it's seal form. However, when it did so, all the salt and other impurities from the pool stayed in Ishka's form, changing it from a grey seal to a white one.

With that Ishka felt tired by all that had happned even though it had not been long from the last eon, so it said to Marena: “I will leave you for a while to reside in solitude and reflect upon all the changes we have wrought here. So long.” With that Ishka, turned back to water and went to dwell for a time in one of Malachi's eddies.

Act: Ishka helps Marena to make a pool of water fit for human needs, then will abstain from all acts until the end of November.

The End

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