The Spider God Rests

Ixilixi was content. The universe teemed with its images and no matter where it looked, it saw its own images scaling the universe, leaving trails of their intricate ice webs behind.It had already seen all of this in its journeys through time.

But as it watched its sibling's acts irrevocably change the timeline and the original Ixilixian spiders, it grew pensive and worried. No more were they of its image. The Mylian spiders especially. Enveloped in perverse emotions like love and no more united and singular in their features, they reacted in ways alien to it. And it did not like it one bit.

It watched as the Gods decided to create more life in the universe. Humans, they called it. Ugly and imperfect beings, but it knew that there was more to them than what met the eye.

It watched it all, and waited. Something wasn't right about all of this. It went ahead in time and saw nothing of worry. It was the acts that would ruin it for the spiders, its spiders. They were still its children. And itself  dared not act out of fear for them.

And so it waited and rested. Saving its Acts and strength to help them later.

The End

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