Maraena - the Purest of Intentions and the Cleanest of Waters

Maraena had watched and waited as her siblings created the icy spiders, unable to gift them anything of hers. They were cold, spindly, delicate and beautiful - but not anything of hers. She could give them nothing.

But now... These strange fleshy humans, so warm compared to the coldness of the ice spiders, held some strange fascination for Maraena. But what could she gift them? They needed food, which they had; they needed a home, which they had; they needed warmth and light, which they had - what could she possibly bring them?

Quietly, she examined their brains, their thoughts. They were intelligent - oh yes - so intelligent. But what would they use their intelligence for? Good or evil? She shivered at the thought of what these creatures could do to that beautiful universe if they used those fearful minds of theirs for anything but goodness.

And so she took them - first the male, then the female - holding their chins cupped in her hands, staring deep into their eyes. And she gave them the purest of intentions, so they could only work good in this world of theirs.

ACT: Maraena gives the humans the gift of purity.

Pleased with her work, Maraena stood back, watching as the humans began to explore their earthy world. Her wind ruffled their hair, her seas, as familiar to her as her own body, lapped at their island. But she knew - her sea was not good for them. It would not protect them.

And so she made a small hole in that earth, and poured into it water droplets from her hair, until it was full of a tiny sea.

Then she turned to her brother Ishka, and spoke to him: 'My brother, I need your help to create water in which life can flourish - water which has no salt and is good for drinking.'

And she watched carefully as Ishka made his reply.

ACT: Maraena attempts to make a freshwater pool.

The End

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