Malachi - An up to grow toward.

Malachi swirled in his whirlpool often wondering how to grant his sibling's requests without undoing or impeding that which existed. To him, the loss of the water moon was strangely saddening, and was an example of how unforseen consequences were inevitable, despite the god's best efforts and intentions.

Inside the frosted enclosure he first attempted to understand what would happen if there was an attraction of all physical matter from the air toward the sea, a gravity in which to test forces and strengths. His initial thoughts were that, should the attraction be continuous into the endless depths of the ocean, the pressure would be so great the beautiful flows would stop, the rivers turn solid, the ice take all.

He cherished his deep grotto, and so the gravity would have to stop at the water's surface, that much was clear. then there was the question of the great webs spanning vast distances up into the void. Would they be able to take such strain? The last thing he'd want would be to send an endless shower of shards down upon sister Aqualuna's fragile creations. Yes, he saw the potential in those warm, fleshy creatures. He wondered if they and the spiders would get on with each other.

Anyway, should all go wrong, with the greatest gift of power all could again be set right in time.

ACT 1, Malachi brings into being a constant force of gravity stretching far into the void (several thousand sun-to-surface distances) down into the water for a half sun-surface span, that affects mundane and living matter, but not the celestial bodies.

(The force being not so strong as to destroy the webs, or to crush Aqualuna's humans, merely allowing them to stand etc)

Malachi blew a bubble, which was picked up by the current and swept spiralling through a crack between two great icebergs. That was more complicated than he'd hoped. Hopefully his ACT would do no harm, but his resourceful siblings will be able to cope, no doubt.

He slipped into a gentle stream and drifted surfacewards. The 'humans' require different sustenance to the spiders, being made of many more things, it appeared. Living things... so intricate. Malachi observed the humans in their formation, taking note of the many different things they were formed from. It seemed apparent that they would require more of these base materials, but how they are translated into bone and tissue? Aqualuna would understand. The shimmering light flitted over to his sister.

She did explain to him about such things as metabolism and digestion, how such complicated processes would create more 'human' from a few simple minerals and chemicals. So much more complex than Ixilixi's simple and slender spiders. Malachi was in awe, and duly he attempted his own version of life, to be called 'plants'. Life it appeared, was a very long and convoluted process of converting one type of matter to another, and back again in an endless cycle.

Seemed like "growth" was the done thing. They'd eat water, air and nutrients from the soils, he decided. Seeing the sun hanging above him, he thought perhaps he'd have them absorb a little of it's light, so they'd appreciate it as he did.

But the important question was of aesthetics, of course. Something nice and pretty for the humans to feed on, to begin with. Malachi didn't understand all this 'sentience' in made creatures fully, intriguing though it sounded. Perhaps they'd be able to appreciate his handiwork rather than just take it like the spiders. That sounded nice.

He set about formulating his next ACT.

Act 2 - Malachi attempts to create plant life in the form of leafy fibrous vines which as they grow slowly twist together in great archs and spirals, producing various bright flavoursome fruits which hang on slender vines.

Malachi drifted skyward to observe, rippling and pulsing with anticipation.

The End

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