Aqualuna - Life and Sentience

Aqualuna looked down on the land that her sister Mylann had been attempting to create, and was very pleased. She could put something alive on this land. She descended from her gas vapour moon, and walked on the fertile earth, knowing that it would be a good place for the new beings she wanted to create.

She held her arms wide and spread her fingers. She concentrated hard, and an essence made of water vapour poured from her fingertips. She moved her hands in a swirling motion, and the vapour took on a different form. From each hand she attempted to create a  body consisting of skin, bone, blood and organs, yet still largely composed of water.

She thought she might want these bodies to procreate, so she used her sibling, Ishka's gift to the universe, gender. She made the entity on the left female, and the one on the right, male. She breathed into each brain, sentience mixed with intelligence. Aqualuna looked at her new additions to the universe and gave them a name she wished them to keep – human beings. She wished them to love and take care of each other, so she asked her sister Mylann,

“Will you give your gift of love to my human beings, please? Without love, they will find no purpose to stay together, and therefore not procreate to become a race of humans.” She patiently awaited Mylann's answer.

Aqualuna knew that the humans would have to eat, so she hoped her sibling Malachi, would grant Mylan's request to put plant life on the land she had been trying to create.

As she smiled upon her new human beings, Ixilixies's warm water spiders crawled up on the land and watched the two humans. The spiders did not know what to do, because they could not yet think. Aqualuna blew forth a warm mist that landed on the spiders, and gave them sentience mixed with intelligence as well. She hoped the spiders and the humans would become friends, and co-exist equitably.

Act 1. Aqualuna attempted to create life in the form of human beings.

Act 2. Aqualuna attempted to give sentience mixed with intelligence to her human beings, and Ixilixie's spiders.


The End

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