Mylann - Earth

Mylann smiled down at the Mylanni Spiders and observed their affectionate ways. She was disgusted at their icy and grotesque forms, nevertheless she felt more closely linked to these spiders. They were different from the others – more kind, warm-hearted and compassionate than the other ice spiders. It was their slight change in behaviour that sparked another idea in the goddess’ mind.

She glided over to the large water pool underneath the sun. It was a pleasant change from the vast white that surrounded it. Without hesitation she blew softly onto the pool and watched as it started to swirl, the turquoise meeting the blues, the greys and the soft greens.

Her sibling Malachi passed and questioned her actions.

“Brother,” she exclaimed. “I am creating land. Will you help?”

Malachi, curious by his sister’s action, listened to her gracious request.

“Would you be able to give my soil plant life?”

ACT: Mylann attempts to bring up an island from the depths of the pool that is complete with healthy soil and uncontaminated rivers. It is her hope that the Mylanni Spiders would migrate there and become adapted to the environment.

The End

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