The Domain of Spiders

The Gods watched on as time passed and their universe changed and grew, choosing instead to wait rather than to Act, biding their time until such time passed that they could take further Acts of greater magnitude.

Ixilixi however was possessed of a profound loneliness and feeling apart from it's siblings sought to create life in it's own image. Spun of of ice and fuelled by water, the spiders of Ixilixi were made in great number and spread across the universe, replicating as they went, for it was their nature to do so, to weave not only patterns with the ice itself, but also to weave more of themselves by splitting apart, the two smaller halves growing to full size, a perfect copy of the original.

As time passed, the spiders spread far and wide - there was an infinite universe for them to explore and they wove huge webs that spread out into the Void Above, turning the air-filled emptiness into a gigantic mesh of ice. They did not spread forever though, as they needed water to survive, water which was only available in the Ice Below and so while their webs stretched high into the Void Above, they did not go on forever. The spiders spread along the surface of the Ice Below, concentrating around the holes where Malachi's will had forced the water to retain motion. Some ventured down into the water itself and lived submerged entirely, weaving their patterns underwater in vast submerged caverns. With nothing to stop them, the spiders spread indefinitely into and along the Ice Below.

While this was happening, Ishka watched on and felt an emptiness in the spider's form of propagation. Willing it so, Ishka gifted unto the spiders gender and with it a new form of propagation by sexual reproduction. Spiders from that point forth would have the ability to procreate with members of the opposite gender, whilst retaining their ability to self-replicate. The genders had no outward differences and the spider's had no drive to use this new ability over their existing instincts so the gift remained mostly unused, dormant. Some would use the gift and spider's created this way would share attributes of both it's parents, but all spiders being equal, this made little difference.

Mylann watched on and heeded Ishka's appeal that she might teach the spiders love. While she was hesitant to gift such a thing to such cold beings, she kept her peace with her siblings and using her own blood, she deigned a crevice in the Ice below carry another form of water, a Liquid Love that infused those who drank it with it's knowledge and feeling.

As the spider's progressed, there was one place the spiders could not go. Around Mylann's sun, ice would melt and being of the ice, so too would the spiders. Dumb and mindless, the spiders and their webs that came to close would melt back into water, the heat propelling the water away so that it would eventually cool again outside the reach of the harsh sun's rays. As time passed, the sun and the melted area beneath it in the Ice Below soon came to be surrounded by a solid shell of ice formed by the continual melting and re-freezing of spiders and ice that came too close. Inside this ice-bubble remained free of spiders, except for the few that ventured in from the under-ice water tunnels and those that did would melt just as their brethren had. The universe had become the domain of the spiders except for one last bastion around the sun. Even Aqualuna's moons were not safe - far enough out of reach of the sun, the spider's claimed them, integrating them into their vast and glorious webs, the liquid moon in particular serving them well, furthering their expansion into the void. However, the moon was not infinite and so the spiders eventually consumed it, the liquid moon of Aqualuna destroyed, only to live on in the few spider's that had consumed it.

This water was different from the great Ice Below though, for it was infused with Aqualuna's will never to freeze and so these spiders that had drunk it's waters found they never need drink again, the water within them continually liquid, powering the divine mechanisms within them that drove them to life indefinitely. This new race of spiders could replicate like their kin, but they did not pass on their holy water and so their offspring inevitably slowed and stopped as this small band of spiders spread out further into the Void Above which was too far away from water for their offspring to reach, the Void Above slowly becoming full of more webs littered with the frozen, still bodies of small spiders - not dead, but merely inactive until they could get some water to nourish them.

As the spider's made contact with the Mylann's blood, they drank it in until it was gone. Those spider's that took it in became yet another race, divergent from the original Ixilixian and the immortal, ever-moving Aqualunian spiders. As their new genders and the power of love interacted, the spiders found themselves attracted to one another. They interacted and began to care for one another, no longer treating themselves and each other as disposable, for none of their race were copies but new beings born of the fusion of two others, for the new Mylanni spiders bred only via sexual reproduction. Again, since all spider's were created equal, there was little difference between sibling and sibling or even sibling and parent. However, the Mylanni spiders stayed close together, not wanting to leave each other's company. While still dumb and unintelligent, the Mylanni spiders infused as their were with a divine love, developed a rudimentary set of new instincts. Filled with love, they would help those spider's that had fallen, spider's that had become caught in one of Malachi's currents and hurt or spiders that had ventured to far into the Void Above and run out of water. Powered as they were by the blood of a God itself, they like the Aqualunians did not run out of water power and were ever-moving and so they too ventured out into the infinite dark beyond the ice-sealed sun, following in the aimless wake of Aqualunians, picking up their discarded children and bringing them back to the water. They became caretakers and healers of those spiders that were left behind or injured.

The End

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