Ishka and the ice-spiders

Iska looks upon the spiders Ixilixi created from hir ice and finds them beautiful. Ishka watches as they scutter around and spilt into copies of themselves, but finds it oddly empty. Ishka compels the spiders to halt for a moment, then divdes them into two groups.

Gesticulating to the right, Ishka states: "You will be 'she'." Gesticulating to the left, Ishka then states: "You will be 'he'". Ishka then releases the spiders.

Ishka then seeks hir sisters Mylann and Aqualuna.

Aqualuna is found in her liquid water moon.

"Aqualuna, you see the creatures Ixilixi has created? You see how they are aimless in their eating and spinning? I would wish they had more to their lives. Will you grant them sentience and intelligence?"

While Aqualuna ponders the request, Ishka seeks Mylann, who is found dancing by her sun.

"Mylann," Ishka says. "Do you see the creatures our sibling Ixilixi has created? I find them beautiful - but lacking. They are aimless in their lives, so I have given them gender that they might procreate. However, I fear this is not enough. Will you teach them to love?"

 Finally Ishka returns to the waters, seeking Malachi. Ishka finds him pondering their universe.

"Malachi," Ishka says, "do you see the spiders Ixilixi has created? Do you notice how even though they spin and weave, it floats around to no purpose? Might you create directional forces so this universe has a definite 'up' and 'down' and all the other directions?"

Act: Ishka gives Ixilixi's spiders gender and thus the ability to procreate sexually.




The End

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