Images of Ixilixi

Ixilixi looked into the universe and felt lonely. It had watched its siblings, and had found them totally unlike it. It longed for a face or body that matched its own.

It would often enter the universe and gaze at its two-dimensional reflection on the ice, admiring the beauty of it all . The 8 appendages and shell would shine in the warm sun, and a shiny bluish reflection would gaze back.

It was in a moment of such lonely reflection, that it decided that its first Act would be to propagate its own image, the bluish reflection extended to the third dimension.It would only be a three dimensional approximation of its own real image but it would do for now.

So now when it, Ixilixi and its siblings, the other Gods would gaze upon the universe, they would see these beautiful images, alive and well, spinning yarns and patterns from the ice wherever they roamed.

Feeding off the waters that they would live in, these translucent blue reflections of Ixilixi would be made of the ice itself, but lent just enough of the breath of life to be able to replicate themselves.

Act : Ixilixi creates a billion self-replicating water-feeding ice-spiders in the image of its own reflection extended into a third dimension, all spinning yarns and patterns made of the ice.

The End

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