Aqualuna Abstains

Aqualuna floated around in her newly adopted home of her water vapour moon, and bathed in the lovely reflected sunlight of her sister, Mylann's sun. Her heart swelled with pride in her siblings. She saw the water brought into being by Ishka, and knew that it was good.

She watched the universe for a bit, and knew that something was missing. Life was missing. There was nothing in this water and ice bound universe, or in the sun, or in her moons, that lived, or breathed.

She could bring life to something, but there was no something, not even a single cell in the water, to bring life to. She could not even create life in the waters of her own moons, because water life was Ishka's domain. She did not have the permission, nor the desire to create something in her sibling's domain, that hadn't already been created.

She searched for something that was not water based to create life on, or in, but there was nothing. There was no earth to fill with life, because Malachi had not yet created it, and she did not wish to create it herself, as a professional courtesy among the divine.

Aqualuna abstains from performing an act until one of her siblings creates something she can breathe life into.

The End

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