And So the Universe Was Born

The Traveller watched as his children decreed their Acts and enforced their will upon the universe he had gifted them.

The first was Ishka and it filled void with water, flowing forth into the infinite depths of the Void. In all but one direction did it fill the Void, but without heat to nourish it, the water began to freeze and rapidly the universe began to become a solid, infinite block of ice, above which rose infinite void, though there was no true concept of up or down, merely of Void or Ice.

However, Malachi invoked his will upon the great, freezing sea of Ishka and created motion from nothingness. Thus, as the great sea froze, it was riddled with caverns and pathways through the ice where water moved constantly, propelled by the law of Malachi's will, and thus avoiding a much colder, stiller fate. Holes upon the surface of the infinite ice remained as eternally moving whirlpools, sucking anything into their maws and down into the infinite under-ice canals that rushed with the constant motion Malachi had bestowed.

The universe strained as Aqualuna commanded it to accept three moons, in each of the forms of water. By her Act of will, she commanded that each moon would exist in it's given state and so despite the cold, emptiness of the Void the liquid moon remained liquid, the gaseous moon gaseous, suspended in the Void above the infinite expanse of ice and water. There was yet no light in the universe, but when any should come into being, the moons would reflect it down upon the icy half of the universe, bathing but an infinitely small portion of it in their reflected light.

Ixilixi watched on, waiting for it's time to Act. For now, the stuff of which it had claimed dominion had yet to come to be and so instead it rejoiced in the Acts of creation and wonder it's siblings performed, taking in their splendor and waiting, watching, for it's time to come.

Mylann breathed out and with her divine breath brought the very first light and heat to the universe. A huge ball of divine fire burst into being in the previously pitch black universe, a single point of light in infinite darkness. The ball of flame hung in the Void above the infinite Ice-caverns of Ishka, melting the surface within range to a liquid which was quickly pulled into motion by neighbouring canals under the influence of Malachi's law. The moons of Aqualuna reflected the harsh brilliance of Mylann's fire with a gentler hue, soft moonlight shining from their surfaces and glitterings across the ice and freezing cold water that flowed eternally into the hidden, dark depths of the universe.

As Malachi had brought motion to the Sea of Ishka, so did Maraena then bring motion to the void. Taking the water that formed the very basis of this universe, she breathed out and let her breath carry it far and wide, filling the void with a fine, invisible mist, the motion of her breath keeping it mobile, and flowing throughout the universe and so the Void was no longer empty but full with Maraena's divine breath.

The End

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