Maraena - Silver Droplets

Maraena watched in silence as her siblings created that small world. The three beautiful, pure moons with their silvery aura shone down upon the ever-changing waters, from which everything is born. The dry, harsh, fiery sun burned down with a heat that made Maraena shrink from it in fear.

And as Maraena watched, she realised that the world was still. The moons did not move in the black sky. The waters were calm, without ripples or waves.

'How can our world be alive,' she thought, 'if it always sleeps?'

And so she leaned forwards, scooping up a handful of water. She let it fall in four tiny, silver droplets, and as they did, she breathed out in one long, continuous breath.

Her breath took the droplets up into the very heart of the sky, turning them over and over, moulding them and breaking them until they could no longer be seen. And Maraena sighed as the water began to ripple, and a light breeze played upon her cheeks.

Maraena creates the four winds of the world

The End

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