Mylann - The Sun

Mylann looked on her sibling’s creations with secret disgust. They were all so cold and lacked colour. Just observing what they had fashioned so dexterously made her whole form quiver. The darkness that surrounded her made her feel so very desolate.

She watched curiously as her sister, Aqualuna, attempted create free moons. They emitted an eerie arctic blue light that seemed as though it belonged inside the void. It left her breathless as she drunk in their beauty.

Then idea occurred to her, hitting her with an incredible amount of force that she floated away from Aqualuna. She found herself inside the darkest part of the void. With a scared whimper she blew her fiery breath into her hands and tried to mould the fire into a sphere of flames.

ACT : Mylann tried to create a sun out of her own breath.

The End

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