Ixilixi - The Wait

Ixilixi looked at the other Gods with awe, for its siblings were splendid beings. 

It watched them as they studied the void, and cheered wildly as they each made their Acts.  For while it could spin yarns in the fabric of space-time, there was nothing it could do in the void. A void in time is but a lonely empty road of nothingness. And it is awfully hard to be creative when all you have all time in the world to play, but nothing to play with.

So instead it decided to only observe his kin and the consequences of their Acts. For the other Gods, were the only ones who's actions it could not predict, as they worked outside of Time itself. It was their actions which would create space and matter, and along with it create new futures and altered time-lines.

And so it waited, confident that the wait will bring with it a lot of new possibilities.

The End

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