Aqualuna - Three Moons

Aqualuna surveyed the darkness of the void, and felt the dense cold and loneliness of it. She wished to create light, but in order to do that, she needed sources for that light.

She put her two hands together, until the tips of her fingers touched. Inside the space between her hands, she imagined a ball of liquid water. She moved her hands apart, and then let go of  the expanded body of what she hoped would become her first moon.

She put her hands together again, then imagined a ball of ice, which expanded into what she wished would become her second moon.

A third time she put her hands together, and a ball of water vapour formed between her hands. As she moved her hands apart, another body formed to become what she wanted to become her third moon.

The purpose of these three moons would be to shed reflected light from their surfaces out into the void in the form of moonlight.

ACT :  Aqualuna tried to create three moons consisting entirely of water in all three of its forms.

The End

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