The Beginning of Time

The Traveller started as he always did when he started the game. In his fists he took up the very essence of nothingness itself, the Void Incarnate and breathed into it, infusing it with his essence, kneading and moulding the balls of non-stuff like dough. He could feel limitless potential building in each one, the perfect expression of potential - the Void - given life and stirring into being. Before they had a chance to take form and become tainted by his presence, he dropped them into their universe, their playground and eternal prison to let them grow untainted and unrestrained in that infinite dark.

The first of his children began to take form, the emptiness of their void-stuff gaining hue and mass and in a burst of light, quickly extinguished by the hostile nothingness of the Void, his first child awoke and named itself, claiming it's domains in it's first words. "I am Aqualuna", she cried and she shone in the dark, a being of ethereal moonlight, "and I claim Light and Life and Sentience as my domains."

Thus, the first of the Traveller's Children was born and the Traveller looked on, indifferent but not without interest as he other spawn began to grow.

The next egg of non-stuff cracked, spilling forth an immense, complex entity whose form took up more than the mere 3 conventional spacial dimensions. It's shape cast a three dimensional shadow, the shape of a vast spider and in the darkness it hissed it's name and claimed it's domains. "I am Ixilixi", it cried, "and I claim the domains of Time,  Destiny and Arachnids!"

The traveller said nothing but looked on with interest, keen to see how the dynamic of his offspring developed and what they would do next. As he watched and the other's waited, yet another ball of non-stuff morphed and took a form. As it took it's shape, it cried out "I am Mylann, I claim the domains of Love, Freedom and Beauty!" and her shape was that of something enshrouded in flames, eternally burning. 

The Traveller merely nodded in acknowledgement from beyond the universe and continued to watch. Now three of his children had taken their place at the beginning of time and he saw that it was good. This universe looked promising but he dared not yet make a judgement, many a universe had he left in his wake, broken and burnt were his children had not faired well in the tasks and his game had not played out well. It was all part of the fun though, the Traveller knew all too well the pleasure of the journey over the destination and thus he moved eternally, from one universe to the next, seeding it with his spawn and watching their journey as he did now. In his musing, he watched as the next God burst forth into the Void and announced itself to the world.

"I am Malachi and I claim dominion over Earth, Force and Experimentation!" A voice cried out as a blur of swirling, eddying light and gas took form from the void-stuff.

The Traveller was pleased thus far and watched, waiting for his final two children to emerge from their pupae. Soon, he would begin his work, putting into motion the universe so that his children could Act and start their journey as true Gods of this realm.

Erupting from the void-stuff like a comet came the next child, yelling forth it's name and laying claim to it's domains "I am Ishka and I claim weather, water and water life as my domains!". It flexed it's tail, one moment the form of a seal, the next another aquatic lifeform from the memories of the Traveller's journeys that he had imbued his children with.

Quickly after, the sixth and final God emerged, an ageless, tall, pale woman, her eyes sea-green and sparkling, her body clothing in virgin white. "I am Maraena!" Was her birth-cry "and my domains are the Sea, Wind and Purity!"

The Gods floated in the void for a while, and the Traveller let them be, content to let them take in the magnitude of the work at hand and to learn of each other. When he was satisfied he spoke unto them, and the void echoed with his words.

"O Children of the void, children of my breathe, life I have given you and purpose. This shall be your realm forever more, to do with as you see fit. Born you were with the laws of Godhood etched upon your minds and you would do well not to question them or test them for to do so is to test me, your creator and I am old and lacking in patience. Test me and meet your wrath. Now, before you may go forth, let my put your universe in motion with my final Act, after which you are free to do what you will. Good journey my children, go forth, Act, and do me proud."

The Traveller thus ended his speech and moments later spoke again, this time unto the universe itself. "I put the universe in motion, the laws of cause and effect in play, let one moment follow the next and every Act progress the universe ever forward! As my first and final act, I create Time!"

The End

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