The Traveller's Children

The story of the great traveller's children, the children of the over God who willed the multi-verse into being and seeded each empty void with his children so that they may make a universe as they see fit.

The Traveller, as he called himself, had seen much. Many worlds, many races, many vast and infinite universes of laws in all modes and matter. The Traveller walked the infinite void which he himself created and in his loneliness and boredom sought to find himself a diversion on his never ending journey.

Many a time in his past, if time could be said to even exist for the Traveller, who travelled the void where time was meaningless, he had crafted children of his own essence and set them free to work upon an infinite void sat on one of the many infinite layers of the multi-verse he walked. The laws and worlds and races they had made and he had watched them grow triumphant and fail, defeated and decayed. They played their games and lived their lives and he watched, a silent father, never involved except for one thing.

The rules, they would obey them or suffer his wrath. The Traveller was more than just a watcher, he was a judge and he while he would take no control over the domain of his children, his children were his and so they would obey.

Each one may make an Act within the void, a decree of intent and have it become so but they would only do one, a single act, once. The children would take their turns, it was only fair, making their single acts to craft the universe and it's laws. They could choose to abstain and thus save their acts for a later time, up until they had three, and enact them all at once, for greater and more fine control over their realm.

For an act was a blunt instrument, a simple tool. One sentence, one law, a single statement or decree. The powers of creation were raw and untamed and anything more would bring chaos. The Traveller would not allow that, and any child that sought to over step their bounds would suffer greatly at his wrath. Thus, his role as judge would be complete.

As Acts were made, he would take a measure of them and when that measure came to such a size, he would send the children to sleep in the universe they had created, to see what the course of time would take on their worlds without them. After a time, they would re-awake to take their places as Gods once again but universes are living, breathing things - the Traveller had long since learned this - and they must be allowed the freedom to grow every so often beyond the touch of Gods and the Gods, his unlearned children, they must have time to learn the consequences of their actions and so after a number of Acts he felt was fair, each Aeon would come to a close and the Gods would sleep, to wake up to the consequences of their Acts.

He had played this Game before, the Traveller, and he knew that it was good and so he began the crafting of new children, another Game to watch, to play and to enjoy.

The End

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