City shootoutMature

"Quite!" The sarge said in a harsh whisper crouching only inches away from hole in the wall were a grey light from the outside filled the room. Gunshots sounded from below and a few streets down. My right hand gripped the handle of my assault rifle in anticipation, it wouldn't be long until it was our turn at the fight. It also didn't help two of my squad member Shay, and Jeff were acting like idiots.

"Aval!" Sarge said in a harsh whisper motioning me to move up to a blocked window which coincidentally happened to be beyond the hole letting light into the wall. I got up knowing that for a few tense seconds I was going to be the target of snipers as I hurry my ass to other side.  I charged leaving behind my fear I hear a gunshot and bullet auguring itself into the floor to my right. I made it! HA!

However seconds later it was an eruption of bullets shredded the room to pieces the once blocked up windows were now exploding with bullets. I got down,  I had no idea what to freakin shoot at!

"Return fire you bumbling idiots!" The Sarge yelled raising his machine gun and spraying the windows in front of me indiscriminately. I got up and looked outside. A bunch of Soldiers had positioned themselves across the street a little higher up then us. With little thought I raised my rifle and fired in the general direction. A couple of them duck down as the bullets narrowly missed them.

"Thats what I'm talking about!" The sarge said with pleasure diving into cover . Mounted on the bottom of my weapon was a one shot grenade launcher, I pressed the button and witnessed the destruction. The building across shook and a couple of soldiers were sent flying outwards in a ball of flame. 

"That'll show em to mess with Liberation forces!" Jeff said moving behind a wall and fumbling with a clip for his gun. 

"Lets get a move on boys they coming from below!" Sarge yelled. I got a fresh clip of ammo and followed after checking behind us, making sure they didn't already have us from behind. We went up another set of stairs, and sarge lowered a skinny drawbridge that looked awfully battered and beaten.

"Don't get pussyfooted with me now! Lets go!" He yelled almost throwing Shay onto that thing he called a bridge. Jeff followed suit.

"Aval get the look of fear off your face before I beat it off ya!" He growled.

"Yes sir!" I said hiding the fear and running onto the bridge, at that moment below me the enemy started shooting bullets were flying all around. One coming exploding near the bottom of my foot.  I dived into the next room barely making it.  Jeff pulled me in.

"And they say they're trying kill us!" Shay said with a relieved laugh.  I swear if they tried any harder it might actually be a fair fight none of them can aim worth shit!" The storm of bullets ended and Sarge barrelled across reigniting the fury of bullets. He makes just before a stray bullet cuts the cord holding the bridge up.

"Don't get off guard now!"He grunted as the enemy came into the room that we had just came from.

I fired the first shots catching the first two off guard, I followed after the third but he got behind cover. Others leaked into the room firing with their famous accuracy and missing the four of us. Sarge fired back screaming at the top of his lungs, for a few split seconds I watch the red hot shells poor out of his gun, and wondered if Screaming was all he was good for?  I joined him firing at the enemy screaming at the top of my lungs they all ducked for cover. The clip had emptied but Jeff and Shay had the rest covered as they through a couple frags across.

BOOM!They high fived each other with smiles of success.

"We are the best Squad ever!"


"Reigning kings of war!"

"Don't get to cocky! I heard their radios just before I crossed they called a mech squad, apparently things are getting pretty heated at city centre. Mechs will be coming through here.."

"and will be fucking shit up!" Shay said  fiddling with the grenade pin. Throwing it to the ground angrily.

"No need to get all riled up! I'm going to report this to command. In the mean time you get your stuff set up and try to mickey mouse up a trap!" Sarge ordered trying to boot up the battered console on his wrist," These things are a stupid fucking idea, and the radio's are broken too!"He grumbled as the console finally booted up. 

I looked at my own supplies I had a little bit of trip wire( I don't think I will be tripping a squad of mechs with this measly little wire), one more grenade for the launcher, and Micro generator. I reloaded the grenade launcher and my weapon. I looked at the micro generator, trying to remember if I could jerry rig it to do something else.

"alright the rest of the Platoon is getting into position as soon as they can. Command says thier hands are tied because of the city centre, so we won't be getting anything special, except for any near by squads and platoons who have nothing better do which is unlikely." He grunted,"Have any of you come up with anything?"

"No sir were straight out grenades, and most of our supplies have been used from earlier incidents." Shay said.


"I have this trip wire and a micro generator, and one more launcahble grenade."

"Well no mechs are going to be effected by that trip wire. What do you think you're gonna do with that micro generator?"

"I was hoping to reconfigure it to do some damage, but I don't know how."

"those things run off a  fusion energy cell right?" Jeff asked.

"Yeah but they made it so stable that it would take a miracle to make it explode." I said.

"Well, thats true but were genius's when it comes to making things go boom!' Shay said ripping the generator of his my hands.

"Damnit the mechs are already here!" You two you got five minutes and by then if its not working then I'm going to throw you and that generator off this building. Aval you get over their and try to hit them between the joints and when you have the opportunity fire that grenade into the exhaust. Get moving!" He shouted I got up and ran toward the destroyed but well covered part of the wall that gave me a couple vantage points to fire down upon those big ass mechs.

They all stood about three stories high and had a huge machine gun mounted on the right and a rocket launcher on the left. I scoped in trying to see if I could unhinge or make those terrifying rocket launcher inoperable. It was an unlikely shot but if got underneath the small amount of shielding could probably lock or even better make it loose and hanging. I breathed out and pulled the trigger firing about ten shots at the target.  most of them missed but something must have hit because the rocket slid backwards and fired into the mech behind it blowing its friend up.

"Nice one corporal, that’s a shot for the books!" Sarge complimented him firing the machine gun down at the pilots, bullet proof screens.  Two mechs turned towards the two of us. I had good shot at the leg joints, I fired off some shots missing completely this time. Large machine gun rounds pierced through the wall each throwing large amounts of shrapnel.

"Oi were working here!" Jeff yelled at us.

"We know hang on a second!" Growled sarge retaliating with a large burst which hit something becasue the mech backed off for a second leaving a perfect shot at the exhaust. I took it. The it shoulder exploded and the operator was ejected.

"Oh yeah, two down, three down seven to go.

Machine gun fire exploded through the walls, one hitting the sarge directly he flew and crashed across the wall leaving a bloody mess,"Sarge!" I yelled but I knew that he was dead with a hole that large in his chest. 

"Fucking shit!" Jeff yelled.

"I got it!" Shay yelled grabbing the generator , and throwing off the building.

"Run!"  He screamed turning around, as more bullets tore through the walls I followed after them, hearing a high pitched whine. 

"What the fuck did you do!" I yelled entering something that looked a kitchen.

"Shut up and get down Aval!" Shay yelled I rolled just as a earsplitting explosion went off. The shock-wave destroyed the room wear sarge died, part of the kitchen also was torn up, the building shakes as if undergoing and earthquake. We all sat their hearing a piercing silence for the first time in a long time.  Jeff stood up to see the carnage.

"we got a good hunk of them but I think two got through or pulled out."

"Well if we could take out six of them by ourselves, i'm sure they can take it." I said somehow.

"I can't believe were still alive!Damnit though they got Sarge!"

The End

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