Brandee- The AttackMature

I step out from behind the tree, letting the bullets rip from my AK47(what a classic weapon) as Nyde pushes forward under the cover fire, using his fire abilites to vaporize any stray bullets. Once he's at the next designated target, he sends up a flare of flame that towers over the grounds, making himself an absolute target.

Going with the plan, i think of being invisible, and disappear from visible veiw. i belly-crawl diagonally away from Nyde, towards where Chase said the ruby would be buried. Why those stupid gypsy hags would want this ruby, i have no idea. But it's my ticket home and i'm willing to die trying to get it- i am not going to spend the rest of my days constantly sliding from dimension to dimension as it tries to correct the gypsies's interference with the continuum.

I hear a yell that could only come from Dutch, who was supposed to be giving me as much aeiral support as he could. i glance up to where he's supposed to be. he puts his hand on his shoulder to compress it quick before pulling his gun back up, "STUPID MUSLIM!" and shooting the guy who had stood up during the break in gunfire. i hope for Dutch's  sake Nyde didn't hear him, but i'm sure that Nyde will understand Dutch's frustration with getting shot- again- in Dimension 3( the only dimension where Dutch has ever gotten shot).

i continue belly-crawling, still invisible to everyone else, who could only hope that i had made it out of the van before it got blown up.

a bullet grazed my shoulder and an explective leapt from my throat before i could stop it. it healed in two seconds, but still hurt like a crazy bugger.

this plan was stupid. why did they listen to the rookie?

then i felt the Dogtag hit my hand. I stopped in the middle of the field as i remembered why i was here, in the middle of a warzone, fighting to steal soemthing for someone else: to find the hag responsible for Jessie's death and kill her after a long slow painful encounter.

i kept going, determined that Jessie would be avenged.

The End

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