The JackalMature

I dived behind the corner, my body was shaking from the fear that had grasped at my heart. My heart was beating so fast that if it went any faster it would explode out of my chest.  I cringed from such a thought, no I will not fall victim to them! But how could I do that if I can't even stand on my feet and face the task at hand? I looked down at my trembling hands which a deep cut running down the middle. Moments ago I had tried to stand my ground but when I brought my blade upon my foes force did not cut them but cut my hands because the blade could not cut them! NO! I cannot doubt my own strength! fear will only dull one's blade. I forced my self to my feet, trying to control the fear inside of me.

"Get down!" A voice shouted in my head. I did as I was told as a large blade embedded itself in the steal behind me, I rolled forward back to my feet seeing meeting my foe face to face. Well at least as face to face as possible. He she or it was wearing a white mask with Narrow slits for the eyes and mouth. The slits were glowing a strange colour of violet. It Also had artificial gleaming black skin covered with a cloudy plastic armour over the fore arms, shoulders a bit of the torso and legs. It also wielded a massive five foot long blade that was at least half a foot thick to a a foot.  Whatever these were we called them Jackals for the freakishly fast nature, and the strange cackling noise they made while moving.

I jumped back quickly as the bugger attempted another swing at me the tip of one sided tapered blade cut me across the arms. The Jackal charges me just as my feet hit the ground, I couldn't possibly counter with this rate of attack, I will be lucky if I survive another minute too.  I dive forward narrowly missing getting cleaved by the massive blade, finally I can counter! I get onto my feet and try to upper cut him but somehow I find myself flying backwards crashing into the railing of the catwalk.  I manage to stop myself from flipping over but now the Jackal had me rate where it wanted me.  He was going to stab me rate through, I had to move in the little time I had. "move!"

I managed to barely dodge the lethal blow but now I was off balance stumbling to the right. The cat walk swayed a little and I fell with little breath in my lungs. The Jackal turned calmly shouldering its weapon, breathing in with that maddening cackling noise. I rolled away a bit before bring myself to my knee's. It was hard to breath, my arms were slimy from the amount of blood I had lost.  I was trapped behind me was a broken catwalk that dropped off into a a large pile of cement debris. A few more seconds went by and the Jackal just stood there confidently staring me down with those irritating glowing violet eyes.

"Are you going to kill me or just stand there till I die of old age!" I yelled still breathing hard. The Jackal just cackled in response still staring me down.  I stood up my feet steady this time, and my head levelled. I had little options but if I could manage to get by the Jackal and get my weapon back I might stand a chance!  I ran screaming a war cry of all war cries. The Jackal brought its massive sword down anticipating my attack but instead I jumped on to the railing  of the cat walk and jumped above the Jackal. I hit the cat walk breaking out into a roll and continuing on without looking back. I could hear the Jackal catching up with its uncanny speed. I took a left ducking just in time as the blade passed through my hair, it continued on embedding itself into a concrete pillar.

With small amount of time I was just given I jumped forward seeing the unnatural Kattana up ahead proudly sticking out of the ground. "I'm not going to run anymore!" I thought as I whipped around the hilt and lifted the katana out of the ground blocking the the large sword just in time. I slide ten feet backward from the force of the blow. I readied the my weapon for attack. The Katana was unnatural because it was 6 inches from edge to edge and one side was coloured a bright orange while the other was black.  The Jackal cackled again before moving side to side advancing towards me with unnatural speed, but this time I could anticipate his movements. I brought my weapon to right blocking it's attack, I pushed off the Jackals blade forcing it backwards.

I couldn't hesitate now or I might not get another opening! I stepped forwards slicing down across his chest, this time the edge of the blade bit into the Jackals flesh. Black blood splattered across the wall as I brought the kattana back, I put both of my hands on the hilt as charged forwards with a stronger down stroke. The Jackal managed to block this time but it was still staggering backwards. I kept the heat up until the Jackal hit the wall, I jumped up and cleaved downwards. My sword carved an elegant path through the concrete as it met the Jackals blade, but this attack would not be stopped with such a feeble attempt. The Kattana cut through the Jackals blade and cut the Jackal in two. I had finally had found my inner strength and courage. I had find the limit break, I had stepped out of human boundaries for the first time.

The End

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