Number 42- Mightyena

Each generation introduces bland pokemon that are easy to catch on the first route. Even though they evolved, I can't help but feeling unimpressed. That was until Gen III where I caught a Poochyena and it evolved, into one amazing pokemon.

Mightyena looks like a wolf and a hyena together. Both awesome canines and both ferocious animals perfect for pokemon. Poochyena was quite and I loved it, but Mightyena retains a small amount of cuteness dominated by its grace and brilliance. Mightyena is powerful and good to look at. Whilst other powerful pokemon were pretty ugly, Mightyena is very well created and designed.

I orignally only caught a Poochyena in order to get a Mightyena, and one reason was because of its ability: Intimidate. When facing Team Aqua, Magma and later Elite Four Sidney, you get really pissed off by how little damage the moves do. Poochyena not only wins battles, but does it in the best way possible, by pissing off his enemies first.

The End

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