Number 44- Accelgor

Bug pokemon. When I think of them, I can't help but be reminded of useless worms that rookies carry around. Very few pure bug pokemon are any good, so when a completely amazing one is introduced, it must be acknowledged. Acclegor is one such bug pokemon.

Acclegor is cool looking, mysterious and incredibly unique because of its special method of evolution. Shelmet (Accelgor's prevolution) has high defence and low speed. When you trade it for a Karrablast, they both evolve. That is exciting and amazing on its own, but then the fact Karrablast evolves into a super defense Excavalier makes Accelgor one of my favourite pokemon. Karrablast, you see, steals the Shelmet's shell, so it becomes a super quick ninja-like Acclegor.

Ninja's are amazing and japanese in origin, so we were all waiting for a ninja pokemon; we got Ninjask. Then along comes Accelgor, who kicks Ninjasks Speed Boosting ass before dissapearing into the night. 

The End

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