Number 46- Mawile

I'm not a fan of pokemon that could have evolved but didn't. They will be forever cursed by a stupid cross-generation evolution. Mawile does not evolve and it was for that reason I didn't like it. Mawile however is one of very few pokemon to be on my hate list and love list. It is because of Mawile's backstory and origin.

I love pokemon with an interesting origin, not too obvious but not just created out of thin air. Mawile comes from an old japanese tale that Sugimori has modernised to create the pokemon that is Mawile. With super sharp teeth that act as hair, Mawile is not to be messed with. But it is on the fence with me. It is only on this list I fear because of crappy pure steel types like the Klink family. Mawile had no competition.

I'll leave this dissapointing ranking with a note to brighten the mood, Mawile is incredibly amazing and a great pokemon because no other little girl pokemon could carry metal hair that eats people.  

The End

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