Number 47- Braviary

When Gen V came out, I felt a surge of outrage from the online community. Many pokemon fans hated the new pokemon with a passion, but I opened up and know I love Gen V pokemon, nearly as much as Gen I, because I was there when they revealed these new pokemon. I was one of the few western people to remember Snivy, Tepig and Oshawott as Tsutarja, Pokabu and Mijumaru. Braviary was also revealed prior to Black and White, and I instantly liked it.

Braviary is a giant bird which is amazing on its own, but with the addition of its cool name, design and concept, it became my favourite bird pokemon. It is in fact the BEST normal-flying dual-type pokemon. It may be only number 47 overall, but it is a champion in its own league. Pokemon are also made much better by having a rival, you take sides and pick the game with your pokemon on it. Braviary is much better than Mandibuzz, solely on the fact Braviary doesn't crap its pants all the time.  

The End

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