Number 48- Shieldon

When seeding the rock pokemon, I knew full well it would be full of fossil pokemon. I did not, however, know all the fossil pokemon would fail to make my Top 50. All the fossil pokemon that is, except for one. The cutest but still boyish fossil pokemon ever.

Shieldon is one of two fossil pokemon actually based on dinosaurs. The two were given the theme attack and defence. While the attack pokemon was still pretty nice, the defence pokemon was brilliant. Shieldon is an adorably cute pokemon that has the potential to be a powerhouse. While it may not be as strong as Bastiodon (its evolution), the evolved form is ugly, and I mean really ugly.

It is in my Top 50 because the other fossil pokemon were a bit rubbish, but I think it may have been in my Top 50, even if it wasn't seeded. Shieldon is as cute as Cubone, but without the X Factor sobstory.

The End

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