Number 49- Staraptor

I'm not a fan of flying types, and I think Normal types are too abundant. So when you bring them together, you get annoying copycat bird pokemon. Then along came Staraptor.

Staraptor is so unique that it brushes away all comparisions with Pidgeot, and its design is so cool, it could pass as a dark type. This being said, I was shocked to find it in my Top 50 until I remembered how it get here. To make it fair pokemon were seeded into groups by type. Some pokemon have two types, but can only go in one group, so I ignored secondary typing. Flying is a unique type in that it only is a secondary type. So when it came to seeding the flying type, I only seeded normal-flying dual-types, because to me they might as well by pure flying.

Compared to normal-flying dual-type pokemon Staraptor is an amazing pokemon. The blade on its head is what won me over and the red feathers that look like blood won it a Top 50 placing. Staraptor proves a dull first evolution doesn't mean it will have a dull final evolution.

The End

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