Rich and PowerfulMature

Ick, they had us in the little concrete interrogation rooms, you know, the ones with the two metal chairs on either side of a metal table. There was also a large one-way window along one wall. So they could spy on you with out you seeing them. Them being the police.

I drummed my fingers on the table, knowing that my brother was probably doing the same thing. Steadfastly not looking at the mirrored window, I examined my recently manicured nails. Not a chip, not even from hitting Kaden, or was it Kain? I could never tell them apart. Not like it mattered anyway.

Finally an officer walked in, most likely to get "my side" of the story. Ha, the poor fool didn't know what he was in for.

"Miss... Noires, is it?" The cop asked. I said nothing, staring cooly at him. He had a mustache. And glasses, perched on the end of that nose! It was huge! I focused my eyes away from the imposing feature and looked at a button on his shirt. It was tiny and blended into the dark fabric.

"...I'm sure you didn't..." He was talking. "... self defense... let you off..."

At that I stood up. "Brilliant. I'll go now."

"W-wait! I didn't say..!" Mustache-man was flustered now. I walked away. My brother strode out of the next room over and I linked arms with him.

"Did you frighten him Jem?" I asked him. He grinned.

"They wont be bothering us anymore."

As we passed the other interrogation rooms we saw the one holding the goody-two-twins. We both made faces at them through the window. We headed for the front doors, pausing at the threshold. I reached into my wallet and pulled out a $100 bill. I lay it on my palm and blew across it, sending hundreds of copies at the chasing police.

"Bail." I said, putting the original bill back into my wallet. We strode out the doors. I pulled out my cell, dialing the familiar number.

"James Noires." came the greeting.

"Daddy," I simpered. "Can you pick us up at the usual place?"

"I'm on my way."

I clicked the phone shut, smiling. I love being rich, and powerful!

The End

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