Not Evil... YetMature

I tapped my fingers on the interrogation table, enjoying the staring contest I was having with the police officer in front of me. He swallowed, I didnt twitch, I hardly blinked. I could go without blinking for hours. Then I smiled, slow, satisfied, sinister. The man exhaled in a shuddering sigh and quickly stood and left the room, closing and locking the door behind him. But he couldnt keep everything from getting through.

"I cant do it, Frank." The officer said to his superior, I could hear him clear as day. "He creeps me out."

"He's just a kid like the rest of 'em." Frank said, even louder than the first man. "And a criminal, who we have in custody, so theres nothing he can do. So get back in there."

Several seconds passed in silence, then the man came in, carrying my file. He sat down and avoided eye contact as he opened the folder.

"Says here your name's Jem Niores," He began.

"Yes." I said, my voice low, a snakes hiss.

"In trouble again Mr. Niores." He continued.

"Yes." It wasnt my fault though, those blue haired goodie-two-shoes provoked me and my sister.

"What do you have to say for yourself." He made the mistake of looking at my eyes again and blanched. I knew what they looked like, I hadnt blinked for over twenty minutes, by now they'd gone red, then the pupils slit vertical. It was spell time.

"I have done nothing wrong. Let me and my sister go." I said, slowly, hypnotically. The words were laced with the magic undertones my grandfather had taught me. "We are wrongly accused of this crime. Let me and my sister leave this place now."

The poor officer didnt stand a chance. Spluttering and sniveling, he unlocked my handcuffs, which had secured me to the table, and led me out of the room.  My sister met me coming out of her own room. Behind the officers' backs, I made a face at the one way window revealing the two blue haired dweebs that had caused this entire mess. I noticed they couldnt even be in separate interrogation rooms, what losers, couldnt be apart for anything. My sister looked, stuck her tongue out at the two, and linked arms with me as we both left the police station.

"Did you frighten him, Jem?" She said, smiling at me. I grinned back.

"They wont be bothering us anymore." I replied. We paused at the door, whereupon my sister turned swiftly and blew across a hundred dollar bill laying in her palm. The hallway was soon filled with identical bills.

"Bail." She said simply, then we turned and left in the midst of the commotion. She dialed the familar number on her cell phone.

"Daddy." She began. "Can you pick us up at the usual place?"

"On my way." Said the voice on the phone. "I'll send the limo." We grinned at each other. I loved being magic, even though we'd never used it for evil... yet.

The End

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