Like brothers... only closer.Mature

I have always been close to my brother Kain. From the moment we were born actually. Yes, that's right we are twins. We are both average height standing at 5 feet 10 inches. We have green eyes, and a full shock of dark blue hair. I was the funny one, he was the handsome one. I'm still not sure how that works since we look the same. Since birth we were never far away from each other.  Since kindergarten we had been in the same classes, same activities, same groups. I never left his side. Not even now in the middle of a fight with another pair of twins. Jem and Alexa. We had know them since day one too. I wish we hadn't. I hated them.

From the day we met there had been something funny about them. Some repulsive aura. It was as if we were meant to hate each other. That was how we found ourselves in this position almost daily. I dodged a punch from Alexa and swung back at her stomach. I had no qualms hitting her, I mean yes technically you aren't supposed to hit a girl, but if they hit you first... I'm sorry but I'm not going to let anybody wail on me whether they are female or not. My hit connected and she doubled over with a grunt. I lunged at her brother who was engaged with Kain and held him in a stranglehold. "Hit him!" I grunted to my twin as Jem thrashed and struggled. Kain was just winding up when a fist said hello to skull and my vision was suddenly starry. Jem broke free and hurled himself at Kain while I swiveled to take on Alexa again. I heard Kain yell but I was a bit preoccupied with demon girl. She hit me... it hurt. If I didn't know any better I'd her eyes glowed when she did it. It was weird.

Someone grabbed onto my back and started pulling me around and I began to flail left and right, flinging my arms back at whoever grabbed me. "Will you cut it out?" Kain said. Oh. "Sorry bro I thought you were Jem." He chuckled and said "Nah I'm way better looking can't you tell?" I joined him in laughing, stood up and together we launched ourselves back into the fray. We tackled Jem together and he went down. I was just aiming a punch at his ugly face when I heard a whistle. A loud whistle. Crap. It was the hall monitors. Always showing up when we started to win...

I sighed. Stood up and brushed myself off. I raised my hands above my head and waited. I expected to handled roughly and dragged towards the office.What I didn't expect was a pair of handcuffs.

My first thought was: COLD!

My second thought was: Wait a minute what?!?

They handcuffed me to Kair, and did the same to Jem and Alexa. Then they pushed us towards a cop car. Oh boy. Mom and Dad were going to love this one.

It was very close quarters in the car, seeing as there were four of us in the back seat. It would have been impossible to move any nearer to my brother who was seated net to me. I looked over at Kain and said,

"You know... you and me, we're like brothers... only closer!"

There was a moment of silence. Then we both laughed.

The End

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