The Meeting

The Stones of Agrar were an ancient natural monument of large rocks covered in spirals that to the untrained eye looked just like patterns. To those of us with knowledge, they were an ancient language, the language of the Dragon Matriarchs when they were translating the language of dragons. No one could read those words now, after the matriarchs had been destroyed. It had been in there blood, magically created and magically infused to their blood cells, so that an innate knowledge existed in the next line of matriarchs. Unfortunately, that line no longer existed.

Anger flared in me as I thought of this. We were riding fast, the rain pelting our cloaks and faces and impairing our vision as we headed to the Stones. I could see them ahead, their twisting forms reaching like the fingers of a giant towards the sky. Lothriel rode on my left, and Araanea on the other side. The other two elves, Carin and Ophela, rode behind us. The Dwarf King along with his four warriors, two of them the ones who had followed us to the castle, were running with us. They had started their journey the night before, so that they would be well rested just a little journey from the Stones before we entered together. They had already scanned the area before we had arrived, and confirmed that the humans had brought no extra warriors.

As we rode in to the Stones, I saw the girl from the previous visit standing on guard. I studied her and noticed she had concealed two weapons in her clothing as well as having her sword on her hip. She came prepared. I felt for the dagger hidden in my boot and found it secure. Then, hand on sword hilt, I dismounted and strode alongside Lothriel to the human King.

"King Lothriel, I am King Jason." He exchanged the same greeting with the dwarven King and then gestured towards the entrance to the inner cave in the larger of the stones. Matriarchs had worked here before their home in the mountains had been built.

We entered and the three Kings sat, with one of their warriors at their side. The girl sat next to the boy, Araanea next to Lothriel, and Honrel next to King Harute. I stood behind Lothriel, my hand never leaving my sword. I saw the girl's eyes darting to me ever so often. I knew that if this turned bad, she wanted combat with me.

Gladly human, my subconscious whispered. I shot a thought across to Lothriel and Araanea. 'Do you not think they look like children seeing a new toy for the first time?' I refered to the humans as they stared at us. Lothriel's subconscious chuckled, but his mind was focussed. Araanea commented, 'Let us see if the child can speak like a man before we make assumptions.'

"I wish to make a truce, so that we may rid ourselves of the curse of the dragons." The boy began.

"These dragons were not a curse to us before your kind destroyed our link to them." Lothriel spoke calmly, but I could tell he was pained by this as much as every elf and dwarf who knew of a time when dragons were peaceful. I remembered flying on the back of a dragon, her green scales glittering underneath me as we soared through the air. Her name had been Kia'lathr Navri, or that was the elfen equivalent for her name, which was so much more beautiful in her language as the matriarchs had told us.

"That may be so, but now they are as much a threat to you as to us."

"But this war will eventually rid us of your kind, and then we will truce with the dragons." Harute spoke in his gravelly voice.

"Surely if we could discover a more peaceful solution where death did not occur, that would be better?" That caught my attention. Perhaps a human King was finally seeing sense? "After that, war could continue if we wished it."

Not so sensible after all.

The End

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