"Don’t worry about it. Look everyone’s having fun except you!” I said trying my best to relieve him of his stress.

He simply shook his head again and looked at me in thought. His eyes were full of worry and concern and I knew I couldn't do anything about it now.

He stood up from the table and began walking away to the doors. "Jason!" I called, but he was already gone.

I stood there for another minute or two wondering if I should pester him some more, but my mind told me no. I turned around and headed for the table that Jason had just left and got my hands on a couple drinks.

"Might as well have some fun," I muttered. "Who knows. I might be a gonner tomorrow." I downed a cup of something I had never tasted before and in an instant, I was surrounded by men and women cheering as I was given another cup.

"Aye, lassie!" Someone called. "Drink another one! It couldn't hurt a wee lil fly!"

They all chanted my name as I grasped the cup. "Yeah," I said reassuring myself. "One more couldn't hurt."

I regretted the idea the moment the liquid entered my body. I drank the last drop from the cup and everyone bursted into laughter as if I had slain a dragon!

I stepped away from the table walking towards the door when the world around me suddenly tilted a little.

"Woah there!" I felt two strong hands steady me.

I looked around as everything came back into perspective. "What?" I cried. "Who said that?!" I pulled away from the persons grasp and stumbled back, falling to the ground.

I saw a tall blury man standing in front of me as I backed away. I shook my head wondering what was in those two drinks. I only had two! "It's okay!" He lifted his arms to show he was harmless, but I knew better than to trust strangers. My mother taught me better.

"I think I'm gonna go to bed now," I said hearing my words slur. "This looks like a comfy spot!" I said laying my head down.

"I think not," the man said coming closer, but by then I had closed my eyes. I felt him lift me up and I felt his strong arms wrap around me walking down the hall, I even heard his footsteps echoing aorund us.

"Sleep tight," I heard his chest rumble.

"Nighty night," I whispered and then black out.


I woke up bright and early. I was still in the clothes that I was in last night. I was back in bed and everything looked the same. Except one thing. There was a man sitting in my room. A MAN. IN MY ROOM!

"Huh?" I said trying to hold back my enternal reaction.

"Look who's finally awake?" He came closer and sat on my bed. Oh he's asking for it now! I thought.

"Me," I said calmly.

He chuckled and nodded, "Yeah."

"Right, now let me confirm something." I said.

"Sure," his blue eyes looked point-blank into my eyes without hesitation.

"You," I said pointing at him. "A man," I stated. "Are in MY ROOM!" I screamed and shot up. "Who are you?!" I said trying to stand but my legs failed me as I stumbled into a chair.

"Me?" He said and I was utterly amazed. Men. Were. Stupid.

"Yes! Who are you? Where did you come from? Why are you here?!"

"My name is Erik Falmer, I come from here, and I helped you last night when you were about to sleep on the ground amist hundreds of people dancing and running around you."

"Erik Falmer?" I thought aloud.

"That's me!" he said happily giving me a smile that went well with his dark black hair.

"Are you one of the three that are coming with us today?" I asked finally recalling his face.

"Yes ma'am, I am." He nodded.

"Well I'll be damned." I said more out of shock than anger.

"I'll leave so you can get changed and cleaned up. Bye now," he waved as he got up from my bed and walked out the door.

I shook off the thought that I had completely embarassed myself infront one of the highest ranked soldiers in the entire kingdom and rushed to get a bath in before we left.

I changed into my clothes and dranks some water to try and sober myself up from the night before. I walked out of my room probably leaving it for the last time, and headed off towards Jason's room.

When I got there, I took a deep breath and walked into his room. "Ready to go?" I asked, but he didn't reply with words. He simply nodded, and that was enough for me. "Relax Jase," I said trying again, to relieve him off all the stress. But again, I had failed.

A new king huh?  I thought. Why does it feel like he's a new person now?

The End

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