Heather led me to the party. It was already in full swing, with many of my soldiers already far into the drinks. The orchestra was playing a fast waltz and Heather and I spun into it together. She led at first while I got my bearings, then I took over.

"Smile Jason! It's a party!" Heather teased. I huffed.

"That's King Jason. And I can't I'm too stressed out by what I have to do tomorrow at the stones." I felt my forehead start to crinkle with the stress.

"I have to convince the other races to ally with me against the dragons, and the dragons rule most of this land in alliance with the other races." I shook my head. "I just hope I can convince them.” Heather smiled and tugged me towards one of the louder tables.

“Don’t worry about it. Look everyone’s having fun except you!” As she said it several men toppled off of their stool, laughing uncontrollably. I shook my head again. I’m sure this was not giving the ambassadors from the other races the right impression of human culture. Even though it was accurate. I had to stop analyzing. I had to get into the moment, this happy, swinging, dancing, completely intoxicated moment. No,  I just couldn’t get into the celebration. I had too much on my mind with the meeting coming up all too soon. I had to go over my points, be ready to make my stand, and convince everyone it was the right one. It was a daunting thought. And I wouldn’t be able to show my strength as a king if I gave in to the partying.

I pushed away from the table and through the dancers back towards the doors.  Heather called after me but I ignored her and  kept going.

“…Dragons are evil… steal… kill… ravage” I muttered to myself as I walked, I needed to be able to remember everything.


I didn’t sleep well that night. The task of the morning and the sounds of the party kept me up late. After I had finally managed to fall asleep I suffered from the strangest dreams, ranging from being sucked into the ground of the Stones, while dwarves pointed and laughed, or strung in a tree and abandoned by my party, or that I was late to the meeting and every one had gone.

I woke with a start before dawn and started getting ready. By the time the sun rose I had already gotten dressed, polished my new crown twice and shined my own boots. Heather walked into my room and started at the sight of me, agitated and ready to go, pacing the length of the room.

“Ready to go?” She asked, already knowing the answer.

I nodded and swept out of the door before her. I heard her follow close behind.

“Relax Jase” She muttered.

I’m not ready to relax yet. Not until this is over. I thought

The End

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