A Journey to Remember

We watched as the elves and dwafs leave. Jason took no hesitation to rally up his finest warriors.

"Heather, I want you to be there. I consider you one of my oldest and most trustworthy friend," he said.

"Well, to be honest, I thought it was a given that you would ask me to be there. Considering the fact that you allowed me to listen to what the elves and dwarfs had to say."

Jason simply smiled as he turned to the other 3 men he had assembled. "I have selected you four from among many to come with me to The Stones of Agrar. It is a place that is both secret and safe. There, we will meet with the elf and dwarf leaders and hopefully form an alliance if they are willing to."

I looked around at the three others. Their faces showed no sign of worry or doubt. Just like me, they had a sense of pride. To serve their race and king in whatever way they could.

"I am in no way forcing you to follow me," he continued, "You are allowed your say in this." Once Jason had finished the three soldiers bowed their head to accept their place, and I too, bowed my head, smiling.

"Very well then. We leave tomorrow at dawn. I don't know what we'll encounter but a good nights rest won't hurt." He nodded. "That is all."

The three dispersed. None of them showing any kind of excitement as I did.

When they were out of range I patted Jason on the back and said, "Well done, my Lord."

"Thanks," he smiled. "And you know I don't like it when you call me 'my Lord'. I'm still not used to it. It's only been a few hours."

"I guess." I smiled, finding some truth in his words. "But your a king now." I bowed gracefully. "Enjoy it! Take advantage of it! Live as if there might not be a tomorrow!" I said, starting to dance circles around him.

"But tomorrow-"

"Tomorrow can wait. Besides, I have a feeling we won't be having too much fun the next few days. Now come on!" I grabbed Jason's hand and led him to the celebration that was still going on, knowing that what was to come was something I did not want to think about right now.

The End

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