"Nice of. Right. You. On. To. Time. Wait" The dwarves' combined phrases jumbled as the men made their way to a pair of seats right in the middle of the crowd. The ceremony continued somewhat jerkily after the interruption. I robotically repeated the King's Oath as the crown was shoved onto my head, and the symbolic scepter into my hand.

I stood and turned to the crowd, feeling like a sideshow freak on display. The crowd cheered.

"Long live the King!" and it was over.

Back in my chambers I hurridly changed out of the heavy red-velvet robe and cape into a lighter, more stylish, tunic of dark green. I shoved my feet into my second best boots and, at the last minute, crammed the royal circlet onto my head, to keep up with my new royal appearance. I was ready to meet my subjects... or at least, their representatives.

I pulled open my door, nearly running into Heather, who had been waiting for me.

"Heather! I didn't see you there." I blurted, reflexively. "Ready to meet the people?" I tried to regain any dignity I had lost.

"The representatives are in the side room off of the Audience Hall." She said. I nodded and strode off towards the Audience Hall.

"We should call that side room something!" I called back to Heather, still standing by my doorway. She jogged after me and we walked together into the 'soon-to-be-named' room.


"Hello everyone!" I greeted the surprisingly calm atmosphere in the (newly named) Meeting Room. The elves sat languidly, seemingly unconcerned about anything that may happen. The dwarves too, joking and drinking in a corner. No one replied to my greeting. I had to get right to business.

"I'm going to continue my father's war against the dragons.

That got their attention.

The End

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