Right on Time


While we were officially commanded "not to cause trouble," it went without speaking that we were allowed to... have a little fun. The dwarves had a reputation to upkeep after all.

After a few words and a tedious sending off, Dunsa and I realized a problem.

The elves were on horses.

We were not.

While dwarves are natural sprinters, and very dangerous over short distances... we are wasted on cross-country.

The King had died in the afternoon and no matter how soon they wanted a new king, I imagined the whole affair would require some planning. So if we were lucky we'd have until the following evening.

My companion, Dunsa, had barely said two words throughout the entire process. He seemed frightened, which, while I don't like to brag, was something that I got a lot.

"At...ease... dwarf... don't... be a... stranger."

"Not... being... a stranger... trying... to keep... on running."

The sun was going down and my stomach kindly notified me that it was time to eat.

"Well... let's make... camp... here... we're... ahead of... schedule..."

Dunsa nodded and we both collapsed to the ground unceremoniously.

After we both started breathing again, I made a fire while Dunsa went to hunt. I didn't give him very high chances of catching anything. It was dark... he wouldn't even be able to find anything much less-


I looked up to see Dunsa returning... with a deer slung over his back!

"By Throg's beard! How did you catch that?"

Dunsa shrugged and I let the subject go. It didn't matter where dinner came from. All that mattered was that we had dinner.


Dunsa and I spent a good part of the next day huffing and puffing towards the castle. Our efforts were rewarded when we came to the top of a hill and looked at the great fortress. The sun was beginning to set and people were streaming into the castle for the coronation.

When we reached the gate, all traffic had long since entered.This was both good and bad, because while we may have been late, there were no guards for us to worry about. We burst down the hallway, up the stairs, and through an antechamber, recognizing the work of Dwarf masons. Two guards with halberds stood guarding the door to the throne room and I anticipated a problem.

Dunsa and I formed a plan with little more than an abrupt nod at each other. I un-slung a throwing axe and whipped it at the guard on the left. It sheared through his weapon before he could react. Dunsa-...

Dunsa was gone.

But then just as suddenly he was at my side, and the guard on the right was slumped to the floor. Could it be that he was one of the-

I pushed my thoughts aside while Dunsa and I threw open the doors to the throne room and-

Well... nobody was looking at the boy who was kneeling before a man holding a crown mere inches from his head...

They were looking at us.

"Nice of you to wait" Dunsa said, while at the same time I spoke,

"Right on time!"

We strode down the aisle, took two empty seats near the middle, sat, and gestured for things to continue.

It was one big interruption of an arrival.

Our King would have been pleased.

The End

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