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'Thank you.' Celestà said blankly.

I stood perfectly still, I had said little throughout our conversation between the dirty little human and us. I looked up at her, unflinching. The human met my gaze before quickly looking away to her feet.

She was on odd one, I'd give her that much. She even had to nerve to hold an argument with Celestà. My lips twitched upwards in something which could be deciphered as a smirk as I reached for the pipe resting in my pouch.

After stuffing it with a few flavoursome 'erbs , I conjured up some fire between my fingers, lighting the blend. 

'The heat of this land really is insufferable.' I murmured to Celestà as I swung my leg over the horses back. I put the pipe to my lips and breathed it in gently. The long pipe, elegantly decorated, had been a gift from Celestà on my fifth hundredth birthday; although, I must confess, she seemed to present it to me most grudgingly. I hold suspicion for her mother, who, that day, had been lurking in the background staring me down with appraising eyes. 

But back to the present day, the human was leading us towards a large entrance. A low roar sent vibrations through the air, my sensitive ears picking it up almost instantaneously.

I caught Celestà's eye and she raised her eye brows in return, 'the Prince's coronation happened rather promptly following his father's death.' She commented dryly, I could pick out the slightly amused tones in her voice.

'We need a King in these times, and Jaso - I mean, my Lord, is the only one in line for the throne.' The human explained simply. 

'But so soon after his father died?' Celestà pressed, I could tell she was trying to aggravate the human for her own dark pleasure. I gave her a look, but she turned her head to the other side, looking the architectural structure up and down, her face displeased. 

Just as the human was about to make another attempt to snap at Celestà I interjected, because fights get far too complicated - and I appreciate the finer, simpler things in life. 'When will we be able to confront the human King?' I asked smoothly, my desire to spin the human off the track of arguing worked. 

'As soon as the celebrations have come to an end,' she told us curtly, I nodded; a lock of my perfectly straight hair fell over my shoulder and I stared at the strand in annoyance. I preferred my hair to stay behind me, it grieves me to have such long hair; but my parents(and the King) insisted that it is the rightful path of a male elf to have hair with some length to it. 

'Very well, but this matter is urgent. And we do not care for your petty traditions,' I said coolly, waving a hand, 'we need to see the King.'

'I can pass on a message.' She insisted. I sighed, shaking my head, realising this was a hopeless case. I silenced and slouched back on the dusty brown mare who was transporting me. I took a long drag from my pipe and close my eyes.

'I am too old for this.' I murmured to myself. 


The End

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