New King

I had left jason when he went to see his father. I knew he wouldn't have wanted me there when they spoke. Jason's father was the king of the humans, Jason was to be announced king as soon as possible, and I was his friend.

I walked past the servants who were rushing to get things set up for tomorrow. My eyes scanned the crowd that had formed around the doors that led to the king's room. Jason was in there and I had to see him.

I pushed through the dozens of people, finally making my way to one of the guards. "Hey, am I allowed in?" I asked one of them.

"Sorry, Heather. Jason doesn't want anyone in there. I'm sure that if he wanted you in he would have told us." The guard said.

If this had happened under different circumstances, I would have been outraged. I would have demanded to go in and when I did, I would have a long chat with Jason, but since his father was near death, I simply shook it off and made the long journey back out  of the crowd.

There was nothing to do but wait now, so I simply decided I was going to patrol. Everyone was worried about the king that I had a feeling no one was on guard, but really, it was these times that we were truley vulnerable.

I walked along the front gates of our castle being greeted by the couple of guards that hadn't joined the comotion. I stood there enjoying the beautiful sunset that had just begun. Staring at the sun, I suddenly saw dark figures appear.

Alarms went off in my head and I squinted to make sure I wasn't seeing anything. Sure enough, my eyes hadn't failed me. "Gather some men. There are people coming!" I yelled to the guards.

In no time, we had a small army of tem people. I slid my sword into place and got on my horse after ordering someone to warn the others inside. We slowly rode towards the two people who were coming.

As we got closer to the people, I realized that they wern't humans. "Elves?" I said aloud.

I got off my horse and handed it to one of the guards. I ordered them to stay back as I approached them.

When we were a couple feet apart, I stopped. There was a long silence before someone spoke.

"Why are you here." I demanded.

"To see the king." One of them replied.

"Sorry, the king's currently busy. I'm here, so talk to me." I said.

"These matters do not concern you, human. We are here to speak to the king. Not to you." Her eyes never left mine as she spoke.

"You are on human land. What you say concerns everyone on this land as it does the king." I argued.

"We know the king is dead. The prince will be pronounced king and we have come because we have things to discuss," they explained.

"Oh, so you know about that? Word sure does travel fast."

"It does indeed," the elf said. Her voice never shook. There was no fear in them, there was no anger. emotionless.

"How do I know we can trust you? I don't want to bring spies into my kingdom in times like these," I questioned. "I'm sure you would feel the same if the roles were switched."

"Right," she said. "You may search us. We have brought nothing bud food and water for this journey."

"All right," I said, still a bit hesitant. "Very well," I motioned for the guards to bring two horses. "I insist. You've had a long journey, You must be tired."

I pulled the horses closer to the elves, as they looked at each other.

As if they had some kind of secret way of talking with one another without speaking, they both nodded at the same time. "Thank you."

The End

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